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Patrizia Berto currently holds a position as principal at AESARA Europe and is a director of the Italian (Rome) Chapter of ISPOR (2021-2023).

Her experience spans over 36 years in the healthcare technology industry. Like for many of her peers, her career started in 1987 in the pharmaceutical industry when she joined Glaxo (later GlaxoWellcome and GSK) and then spent 10 years in market research, strategic planning, pricing, and health economics. Patrizia was the first person in Italy to hold a position of health-economics lead in the pharmaceutical industry. Her very first cost-effectiveness analysis was published in Pharmacoeconomics in 1994, as the first Italian original research article that was published in the prestigious international journal.

After 10 years in the pharma-industry, Patrizia moved into consulting. Over the subsequent 26 years, she led multiple strategic market access, pricing and reimbursement, and HEOR consulting initiatives for pipeline, launch, and marketed products across a vast array of therapy areas, spanning from rare diseases to oncology, haematology and many others.

Her consulting experiences include: senior vice president value and access at Regulatory Pharma Net (2020-2022), head of the Italian office at Certara (2018-2020), global head of business development at LA-SER/Laser-Analytica (2012-2018) and managing director of PBE Consulting where she was founder and managing director (1997-2011).

Patrizia holds a PharmD from the University of Padova and an MBA from the Fondazione CUOA of Veneto Region. She is also a speaker, trainer, and guest lecturer on topics related to pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. In the years 2001-2013, Patrizia was a lecturer (contract professor) of pharmacoeconomics at the University of Padova. During those 12 years she saw many promising talents bloom and among them some, and some for whom she was thesis advisor, have started careers and took increasingly relevant positions in the public and/or private healthcare sector.

ISPOR Vision Statement by Patrizia Berto

My involvement with ISPOR started back in 1997 when the Association was still named APOR (Association for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research) and always provided my passionate support as a member. At the beginning of my involvement was because to me ISPOR was an essential "megaphone" to develop and propagate the contents of, and the need for, the discipline of health economics. Now I see how far the Society has gone, the outstanding participation of members all throughout the globe to conferences, summits, short courses, roundtables, and member group meetings and I feel quite proud of my #1917 membership number and eager to provide more insight and support, especially for the youngest members.

Since 2021 I have been one of the directors of the ISPOR Italy Rome Chapter and have been happy to support projects aimed at progressing the discipline of pharmacoeconomics, mentoring the youngest, and supporting ISPOR members all across the country. And it is with this same spirit that I would undertake serving as a director on the ISPOR Board.

In my vision for ISPOR, I fully share the Society’s organizational values being articulated on the strategic pillars of scientific and research excellence, member engagement, education and training, communication and collaboration. I believe I would bring my strategic expertise and European perspective to the discussions and to the activities of the Board, communicating and promoting ISPOR’s mission, vision, values, programs, and resources. Early in 2021, the Italian Regulatory Agency (AIFA) introduced budget impact and cost-effectiveness/cost-utility analyses as a compulsory component of pricing and reimbursement for pharmaceuticals. This has prompted important changes as to how the technology industry deals with the approval process in the country. I think bringing an Italian/European perspective to the ISPOR international Board would improve the mutual understanding of all stakeholders and could support further progress of the discipline.

I am proud to be a researcher and leader in this increasingly influential field and would be honoured to have an opportunity to actively participate in realizing ISPOR’s Strategic Plan.

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