To address new opportunities in the healthcare sector emerging from the increasing use of digital technologies, specifically telemedicine and mobile devices (mHealth), and to evaluate the impact of information and communication technology on health outcomes.  


  • Establish a forum to address the opportunities and challenges emerging in the field of digital health
  • Understand the role of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) in the value assessment of digital health solutions
  • Investigate the ways in which the validity and reliability of digital health technologies can be evaluated
  • Promote the effective use of digital technologies to improve patient outcomes and efficiency of healthcare systems


The term "digital health" is extremely broad and can include electronic medical records, electronic health records, telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), and wireless health, amongst others. Utilization of digital health technologies provides opportunities to increase the quality of care, accuracy of healthcare analytics, and ensure greater safety owing to the patient follow-up. However, digital health represents a field fraught with challenges within the healthcare market. Not only are there numerous and different ways to classify and define “digital health” and related subtopics, there is also a lack of methodological approaches available to assess the value of digital health solutions.  The usefulness along with the quality and reliability of health information gathered via digital health (eg mobile apps) must be addressed before one can feel confident of the reliability of digital health solutions and subsequent use by patients and researchers for assessing the value of healthcare interventions. 


Katarzyna Kolasa, PhD

Professor of Health Economics, Kozminski University
Warsaw, Poland

Vlad Zah, PhD, BSc

Health Economist, ZRx Outcomes Research, Inc
Mississauga, ON, Canada

Carl Asche, MSc, MBA, PhD, BA

Professor, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Peoria, IL, United States

Working Groups

Key Project

Scoping review of digital health definitions used in literature and in practice


  • Anita Burrell, MA, MBA, Anita Burrell Consulting LLC, Flemington, USA
  • Zsombor Zrubka, PhD, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Member Engagement

  • Laura Vinuesa Allende, MSc, DVM, Decision Resources Group, London, United Kingdom
  • Jagadeswara Rao Earla, MBA, PharmD, PhD, Merck & Co., Inc., PA, United States
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