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Raul Alvarez

IT Manager | x152

Felicia Davis Alvin

Felicia Davis Alvin

Manager, Learning Programs | x131

Lyn Beamesderfer_2017-12

Lyn Beamesderfer

Director, Publications | x130


Nancy S. Berg

CEO/Executive Director | x117

Katherine Bissett

Manager, Meeting Content | x120

Sue Capon_2017-12

Sue Capon

Chief Operations Officer | x121

Jennifer Casillas_2017-12

Jennifer Casillas

Director, Member Services | x110


Julia Chamova

Senior Director, Content Strategies | x173

Melissa Chando_2018-05

Melissa Chando

HR Director | x163

Jill Chen

Director, Finance & Accounting | x151

Nancy Chen_2017-12

Nancy Chen

Associate Director, Global Member Engagement | x141

Jason Cohen_2017-12

Jason Cohen

Senior Manager, Member Services - Students & New Professionals | x149

Clarissa Cooblall_2017-12

Clarissa Cooblall

Director, Scientific & Patient Initiatives | x102

Maria Cook_2017-12

Maria Cook

Senior Manager & Executive Projects | x125

Christie Cunningham

Business & Data Analyst | x221

Christina Darnowski_2017-12

Christina Darnowski

Director, Governance | x137

Detra Davis

Senior Manager, Publications | x224

Karla Eisenhart_2017-06

Karla Eisenhart

Manager, Global Member Engagement | x124


Brian Gaines

UX Digital Strategist | x222

Sean Gormley_IMG_3575_8x10

Sean Gormley

Associate Director, Sales | x128


Meredith Kaganovskiy

Associate Director, Content Delivery & Design | x123

Melissa Kane

Melissa Kane, MS

Digital Marketing Specialist | x208

Bianca Kovalenko

Manager, Meeting Content | x145


Jada Lamptey

Associate, Member Services (Students & New Professionals) | 204

Betsy Lane_2016-03

Betsy Lane

Senior Director and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer | x112


Paige Laurence

Manager, Global Event Operations | 119

Kelly Lenahan_2017-12

Kelly Lenahan

Associate Director, Content Strategy & HTA | x140

Fabiana LoPiccolo-Stewart

Associate, Scientific & Health Policy Initiatives | x165


Thad Lurie

Chief Information & Engagement Officer | x 113

Julie McGrath

Julie McGrath

Senior Director, Business Development & Product Planning | x164

Tina Migeot_8x10_2018-01

Christine Migeot

Web Content Manager, Marketing & Communications | x103

Elizabeth Molsen_2017-12

Elizabeth Molsen-David, RN

Associate Director, Scientific & Health Policy Initiatives | x126

Jodie Nolasco

Administrative Specialist, Publications | x153

Katherine Orellana_2018-05

Katherine Orellana

Senior Manager, Content Operations & Awards | x132

Rachel Peoples

Manager, Scientific & Health Policy Initiatives | x226

Meghan Pipher

Meghan Pipher

Manager, Exhibits & Meeting Partnerships | x202

David Pipitone_2017-12

David Pipitone

Registration Manager | x206

Laura Pizzi, PharmD, MPH

Associate Chief Science Officer | 115


Tammy Rauth

Associate, Operations | x156

Mary Rehm

Director, Learning Programs | x225

Carley Roberson

Manager, Global Event Operations | x161

Michelle Rovner

Director, Marketing | 175

Lynn Schindel_2017-12

Lynn Schindel

Manager, Event Marketing | x205


Bre Schmidt

Manager, Scientific & Health Policy Initiatives | x134

Robert Selby_2017-12

Robert Selby

Director, Global Member Engagement | x127

Emily Wert_2016-02

Emily Sinkiewicz

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications | x114

Theresa Tesoro_2017-12

Theresa Tesoro, MSN

Associate Director, Scientific & Health Policy Initiatives | x136

Tiffany Timmons_2017-12

Tiffany Timmons

Associate Director, Global Event Operations | x160

Dominique Wallace

Coordinator, Global Event Operations | x144

Richard Willke_2017-12

Richard J. Willke, PhD

Chief Science Officer | x104

Paul Michael Wong

Director, Global Events | x139

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