Defining Competencies for HEOR Professionals

ISPOR’s Institutional Council and Faculty Advisor Council are leading the efforts for the Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Competencies Framework™ initiative. The objectives of the Competencies Framework are to comprehensively define:

  • Competencies that professionals need for success in the field
  • Competency gaps that are often seen in candidates and employees
  • Training and education gaps that need to be addressed


The initiative plan comprises 3 phases of development.

  • Phase I: Competencies Inventory
    To identify and codify a super-set of key competencies needed by HEOR professionals
  • Phase II: Competencies Gaps
    To distinguish key competency gaps often seen by employers in HEOR candidates and employees
  • Phase III: Training Education Gaps
    To ascertain what professional development opportunities are available in addition to the training and education gaps that exist and need to be addressed

Key Competencies

In work to date, the initiative working group has identified 13 key competencies.

Competencies Framework_Key Competencies_2019-06-17_V2


For more information on the HEOR Competencies Framework, please contact us

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