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ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 3

2024/05/09 | The Evidence Base

ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 2

2024/05/07 | The Evidence Base

ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 1

2024/05/06 | The Evidence Base

ISPOR 2024: A Transformative Force for Whole Health

The ISPOR 2024 international conference, HEOR: A Transformative Force for Whole Health, is a must-attend event that convenes global thought leaders to  discuss how the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) can contribute toward whole health.

Looking Back on ISPOR 2024: Hot Policy Topics, Welcome Focus on Employers, and More [AJMC]

The Luxury of Health “Care”: Reflections from ISPOR 2024 [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024: Global Consequences of the IRA in the U.S. & the JCA in Europe [Navlin Daily]

ISPOR 2024: RWE-Driven Payment Approaches for Cell & Gene Therapies [Navlin Daily]

Navigating Uncertainty: Redefining Healthcare Value in an Evolving Healthcare Landscape [The Evidence Base]

Understanding Payer Perceptions of Health Inequalities in Health Technology Assessment and Reimbursement Decision Making [The Evidence Base]

[Podcast] Using Large Language Models to Extract PD-L1 Testing Details from Electronic Health Records [The Evidence Base]

Moderna Will Have to Wait for FDA Approval of Investigational RSV Vaccine [Patient Care]

ISPOR 2024: Health Economists Want to Maximize QALYs, but do Patients? [Navlin Daily]

Key Themes from ISPOR 2024 [Blue Matter Consulting]

ISPOR 2024: A Global Perspective on Incorporating Health Equity in HTA [Navlin Daily]

[Video] Dr Phaedra Corso Discusses How to Incorporate Economic Research Into Health Policy [AJMC]

How to Integrate Factors Relevant to CMS Drug Price Negotiations [Navlin Daily]

ISPOR 2024 – Inside the Third Plenary: Leveraging AI in HEOR and HTA to Enable Whole Health [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 3 [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR Panel Explains CMS Pathway to Cover New Technology [AJMC]

[Video] Dr William Padula Explores Applications of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care [AJMC]

ISPOR 2024: Exploring Alternatives to the QALY for Research and Policymaking [Navlin Daily]

Posters Detail Effects—and Uncertainty—of Drug Pricing Negotiations [AJMC]

ISPOR 2024: The Motives Behind CMS Price Negotiation [Navlin Daily]

ISPOR 2024 – Inside the Second Plenary: Integration and Linkage of RWD in HEOR [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 2 [The Evidence Base]

[Video] Dr Nancy Dreyer Highlights the Advantages of a Direct-to-Patient Approach in Observational Research [AJMC]

ISPOR 2024 Daily Round-Ups: Day 1 [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024 – Inside the First Plenary: Are We Succeeding in HEOR to Advance Whole Health? [The Evidence Base]

Addressing Whole Health Takes Rethinking Partnerships, Metrics, and Delivery [AJMC]

ISPOR Panelists: Can the FDA Advisory Committee Process Be Strengthened? [AJMC]

Impact of IRA Seen as ISPOR 2024 Heads to Atlanta [AJMC]

Getting the Math Right: The Growing Movement to Improve How Medicines Are Valued Will Take Center Stage at ISPOR 2024 [Yahoo! Finance]

[Video] Dr Darius Lakdawalla Previews the ISPOR 2024 Conference [AJMC]

Countdown to ISPOR 2024 [The Evidence Base]

Insights into ISPOR 2024: An Interview with Rob Abbott, ISPOR [The Evidence Base]

The Role of Economic Evaluation in US Healthcare [PMLive]

ISPOR 2024: Navigating the Conference Program [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024: Preview of the Plenary Sessions [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024: Event Preview [The Evidence Base]

ISPOR 2024 Plenaries and Speakers Announced [ISPOR]

ISPOR Announces Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 [ISPOR]

ISPOR 2024: First Look at the Conference Program [The Evidence Base]


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Additional News From the Conference

Hot Takes from ‘Hotlanta’ – ISPOR 2024 [Panalgo]

Making Clinical Advances Accessible to Every Patient: Download 28 Research Posters Presented by Avalere Health at ISPOR 2024 [Avalere Health]

ISPOR 2024 Is "In the Books" [Costello Medical]

Unveiling The Key Trends and Topics: Axtria's Insights from ISPOR US 2024 [Axtria]

BioCryst Presents New Real-World Evidence Showing Significant Reductions in Healthcare Resource Utilization Among Patients with HAE Following Initiation of ORLADEYO® (berotralstat) [Global News Wire]

Global Heart Hub's Real-Life Data Highlights Need for Patient-Centered Management of Unhealthy Cholesterol [PR NewsWire]

Evidation Shares Real-World Data on GLP-1 Use and Social Determinants of Health at ISPOR 2024 [Yahoo! Finance]

First-Ever Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Factor XI Inhibitor Demonstrates that Abelacimab, if Approved, Could Offer Significant Cost Savings as Compared to a Current Standard of Care Anticoagulant [Morningstar]

Amplity Health Study Identifies Clinical and Humanistic Burden of Alzheimer's Disease in the United States [Cison]

DistillerSR Launches Online Courseware for the Pragmatic Application of Scientifically Validated AI to Literature Reviews [Morningstar]

MindMed ISPOR 2024: Health Care Resource Use Associated With Generalized Anxiety Disorder Among Adults In The United States [Public Now]

BioLineRx Announces Poster Presentation on Economic Model Data for APHEXDA® (motixafortide) as part of CD34+ Hematopoietic Stem Cell Mobilization in Patients with Multiple Myeloma at ISPOR 2024 [Cison]

Evidation Shares Real-World Data on GLP-1 Use and Social Determinants of Health at ISPOR 2024 [Business Wire]

Komodo Health & Partners Present 33 Real-World Evidence Research Studies at ISPOR 2024 [Business Wire]

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America to Present RADICAVA ORS® Real-World Data at ISPOR 2024 [The Malaysian Reserve]

Milestone® Pharmaceuticals Announces Data Presentations on Etripamil at Heart Rhythm 2024, 2024 Stanford BioDesign Arrhythmia Technologies Retreat, and ISPOR 2024 [EP Lab Digest]

HEORStrategies’ Dr. Naomi Sacks is at ISPOR! [HEOR Strategies]

Cognito Therapeutics Announces Presentation at the ISPOR 2024 [BioSpace]

RWE, HEOR, and Evidence Synthesis Practice at Axtria to Present at ISPOR 2024 Conference [Axtria]


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