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VOS OCT_coverValue & Outcomes Spotlight is a bimonthly publication for the global health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) community. The HEOR news magazine provides feature articles on timely HEOR topics, methodological and health policy articles, as well as updates from ISPOR leadership and news from around the world.





2024 Editorial Themes

Below is a list of editorial themes that the magazine will cover in 2024.


Be Part of the Movement

The need for HEOR has become ever greater as healthcare grows increasingly complex and as the healthcare community demands reliable evidence to inform decision making. ISPOR’s scientific events, educational programs, publications, and rich resource of knowledge experts make the Society the preeminent, trusted source for all things HEOR.


Value & Outcomes Spotlight has long been a source for quick updates on research summaries, news, and events in the HEOR field. Our new digital platform makes Value & Outcomes Spotlight the ideal venue to present video and audio content, as well as concise reports that are quick and informative reads for our diverse, global audience of HEOR professionals.


The Editors welcome submissions that demonstrate the impact of HEOR methodologies and health policies on healthcare decisions and convey practical examples of why the work is important to our key stakeholders (ie, payers, providers, regulators, assessors, etc).


Share your stories of how HEOR has informed health policies in your country. Tell us how ISPOR has made an impact in your research, your career, or your company’s/country’s healthcare decisions. Contribute to Value & Outcomes Spotlight and become part of the HEOR movement that drives healthcare forward.



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