The purpose of this SIG is: 

  • to educate and inform ISPOR members and stakeholders on the basics of global access, especially as it relates to the role of HEOR across health systems, as well as new methodological and policy developments, and 
  • to leverage the high motivation and skills of ISPOR’s global community of researchers, patient representatives, and other life science professionals to improve global access to medical innovation while stimulating its production. 


  • Build global access expertise by educating SIG members and external stakeholders on the nature and cost of financing innovative medical research and development (R&D), and particularly promote an understanding of the functioning and impact of the complex nature of market access in the US and its global implications.
  • Promote global information-sharing about the clinical and economic value of new medical innovations to facilitate more rapid access across countries, particularly low-and middle-income countries (LMICs).
  • Explore global market design reforms or innovation that would support more efficient and equitable global financing of R&D for medical innovation, starting with differential (or tiered) pricing value-based arrangements.


This SIG aims to address not only new patent-protected medicines and vaccines, but also other technologies such as diagnostics, devices, procedures, information technologies, digital technologies, etc. under the following observations:

  • Understanding The Global Access Ecosystem
  • Non-Exclusivity of Medical Innovation
  • Low Marginal Cost of Medical Innovation
  • Medical Innovation Cascade Follows Financing Flow



Ambarish J. Ambegaonkar, MS, PhD

Founder and Managing Partner, APPERTURE LLC
Marlboro, NJ, United States

Operational Lead

Richard Xie

Senior Health Economist, RA Capital Management
Newton, MA, United States


Lou Garrison, PhD

Professor Emeritus, The Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute,
Seattle, WA, United States

Working Group:

Member Engagement

These activities allow for a variety of members to participate and also facilitates disseminating content.


Hemant Phatak, PhD

Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Needham, MA, United States

Jennifer Whiteley, MSc, PhD, MA

Head OMNI Neuroscience & Rare Disease, Genentech
South San Francisco, CA, United States
Questions or ideas? Please send an email to GlobalAccessSIG@ispor.org
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