The Past Presidents Council was formed in 2017 to improve the utilization of the expertise of ISPOR’s past presidents. The Council includes of all ISPOR Past Presidents and is chaired by the immediate Past President.


The Past Presidents Council is an advisory group to the Board of Directors.  At the request of the Board, the Past Presidents Council will advise on issues of importance to ISPOR. 


Isao Kamae, DrPH, MD, 2021-2022, President

Jens Grueger, PhD, 2020-2021, President

Nancy Devlin, PhD, 2019-2020, President

Federico Augustovski, MD, MSc, PhD, 2018-2019, President

Shelby D. Reed, RPh, PhD, 2017-2018, President

Lou Garrison, PhD, 2016-2017, President

Daniel C. Malone, RPh, PhD, 2015-2016, President

Adrian Towse, MA, MPhil, 2014-2015, President

William H. Crown, PhD, 2013-2014, President

Deborah Marshall, PhD, MSHA, 2012-2013, President

Mark J. Sculpher, PhD, 2011-2012 President

Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD, 2010-2011 President

Michael Barry MD, PhD, FRCPI, 2009-2010 President

Chris L. Pashos PhD, 2008-2009 President

Diana Brixner PhD, 2007-2008 President

Michael Drummond PhD, 2006-2007 President

Peter Neumann ScD, 2005-2006 President

Lieven Annemans PhD, MSc, Mman, 2004-2005 President

Sean D. Sullivan PhD, 2003-2004 President

Peter Davey MD, FRCP, 2002-2003 President

Eva Lydick PhD, 2001-2002 President

Jon Clouse RPh, MS, 2000-2001 President

Bryan Luce PhD, MBA, 1999-2000 President

Robert Epstein MD, MS, 1998-1999 President

James Smeeding RPh, MBA, 1997-1998 President

Jean Paul Gagnon PhD, 1996-1997 President

William F. McGhan PharmD, PhD, 1995-1996 President


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