ISPOR Strategic Plan 2030

ISPOR seeks to reimagine the role of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and the Society with its Strategic Plan 2030.


Our Vision

A world where healthcare is accessible, effective, efficient, and affordable for all


Our Mission

To advance health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally


Our Values

  • Transformative  
  • Scientific 
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Transparent 
  • Ethical 


Goals & Objectives

Goal 1:
Lead the definition, measurement, and use of value for health decision making

  • Objective 1.1:
    Refine the definition of value to explicitly reflect Whole Health
  • Objective 1.2:
    Identify, create, and advance approaches to improve the measurement and use of value
  • Objective 1.3:
    Drive the integration of affordability, accessibility, and equity in value-based decision making

Goal 2.
Be the trusted HEOR authority that leads change in health policy worldwide

  • Objective 2.1:
    Proactively horizon scan to establish high-leverage health policy opportunities for ISPOR engagements
  • Objective 2.2:
    Establish, advance, and facilitate the use of ISPOR best practices
  • Objective 2.3:
    Engage broadly with stakeholders to increase HEOR visibility and influence


Key Stakeholders

ISPOR believes that by including a wide variety of stakeholder viewpoints, the Society can advance the science and increase the understanding and application of HEOR methods to improve healthcare decisions. As a global resource of unbiased information and as a catalyst for innovation in the HEOR field, the Society’s membership comprises more than 19,000 individual and chapter members from 110+ countries worldwide. ISPOR's members and stakeholders includes researchers and academicians, assessors and regulators, payers and policy makers, the life sciences industry. healthcare providers, and patient engagement organizations.

Stakeholder Graphic_2019



An ISPOR White Paper:

The Future of HE+OR: HEOR’s and ISPOR’s Impact on Healthcare Systems and the Multistakeholder Community

"The healthcare ecosystem is under immense pressures around the globe. While many stakeholders struggle with similar issues, they meet those issues with differing priorities depending on where in the world one lives and which perspective is used to view the major shifts that are occurring." 

White Paper



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