Best Poster Research Presentation Awards Specifications



  • General (up to 3 awards each conference)
  • New Investigator (up to 3 awards each conference)
  • Student (up to 3 awards each conference)


The Best Poster Research Presentation Award was established in 1998 to recognize the scientific merit exhibited on the poster presentation.


  • Background provides appropriate perspective/context for the subject
  • Objectives/research questions are clearly stated
  • Research design/methods/modeling is appropriate and transparent {scores on this will determine winners in case of ties}
  • Data sources and/or sampling procedures are clear and appropriate
  • Research objectives are met/addressed
  • Factual information is kept separate from interpretations or implications
  • Abstract is presented in an unbiased manner
  • Clarity of presentation

Selection Process:

The top 10% of scores given by the Contributed Research Review Committee at the time of submission are considered for the award. 

Selection of Judges:

  • 3 weeks prior to conference, select premeeting registrants are invited to participate to judge podium presentations
  • Judges are asked to select their field of interest

Judging Process:

  • Judges are assigned presentations according to their field of interest
  • Each judge evaluates their assigned posters
  • All posters are judged equally regardless of categories. Judges do not know whether the presentation is Student, New Investigator or General
  • Judge's scores are compiled, per category, and talleyed to get the overall score
  • Committee Chair(s) determine the recipients of the Awards (up to three in each category)

Nature of Award:

A certificate with an inscription stating the award name, name of the presenting author, and title of the presentation shall be sent to the award recipient after the conference when the conditions of acceptance are met.

Conditions of Acceptance:

To receive the award, the awardee must submit the poster presentation for which the award is given for publication at the website, along with author permission. Failure to submit the poster PDF and permission within the designated timeframe will result in forfeiture of award.

Award Announcements:

Official announcement of the recipients will occur after the conference via Value & Outcomes Spotlight, eBulletin, the website, and via email to conference attendees.

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