Use of AI and AI-Assisted Technologies in Content 

ISPOR has implemented this policy on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technologies in content submissions to all ISPOR events, programs, and journals.  

Authors are increasingly using AI and AI-assisted technologies as a replacement for enhancement to human research tasks such as producing scientific insights, analyzing, and interpreting data, drawing scientific conclusions, or reporting in scientific publications and presentations. Applying the technology should be done with human oversight and control and authors should carefully review and edit the result, if necessary, because the output from AI may be incorrect, incomplete, or biased. The authors are ultimately responsible and accountable for the accuracy and scientific integrity of their work. 

ISPOR encourages responsible use of AI or AI-assisted technologies. Responsible use includes disclosing whether AI was used to produce their submitted work(s), and if so, how it was used. Declaring the use of these technologies supports transparency between authors, readers, reviewers, editors, and contributors and may facilitate compliance with the terms of use of the relevant tool or technology.  

In addition to disclosure, in the methods section of any work, authors should state whether the AI tools/technology they used were validated, either by as a step in the research process, or by others (for example, prior data or works completed by them or by others).  

Authors are not permitted to list AI and AI-assisted technologies as an author or co-author, nor cite AI as a reference. Authorship implies responsibilities and tasks that can only be attributed to and performed by humans. Each (co-) author is accountable for ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated and resolved and authorship requires the ability to approve the final version of the work and agree to its submission. Authors are also responsible for ensuring that the work is original, and that the stated authors qualify for authorship.  

Use of AI-assisted content will not be considered in deciding whether to accept or reject submitted content, but ISPOR reserves the right to withdraw accepted content found to be non-compliant with this policy. Standard word processing spelling and grammar checks do not need to be disclosed. 

ISPOR reserves the right to use AI detection software to assess the likelihood that the content was machine-generated and will enforce this policy to content where necessary in the context of its Code of Ethics

Further Information 
This policy was developed using good practice guidance and is aligned with the policies of Elsevier, ISPOR’s publisher for Value in Health and Value in Health Regional Issues. Additional information on this policy may be obtained from the ISPOR Science Office. 

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