Our Vision for Patient Engagement

The patient perspective is sought more and more; not only in clinical settings, but also throughout the research and decision-making process. ISPOR has a long-standing commitment to the engagement of patients in healthcare research and decision making worldwide.

ISPOR’s vision is to ensure more meaningful engagement of patients in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) through vibrant networks and alliances across the globe. The Society seeks to create an environment where patients’ expertise and knowledge are valued and harnessed for better research and ultimately better health outcomes for patients worldwide. To achieve this goal, ISPOR includes patients in scientific discussions within the Society and facilitates the development of the “science of patient engagement” in healthcare research and decision making. ISPOR is the first research-focused organization to establish formal patient engagement groups in all major geographic regions.



Patient-Centered Research "HEOR by Topic"

Visit ISPOR's Patient-Centered Research "HEOR by Topic" webpage. This webpage features the most recent content related to patient-centered research from the Society's publications and events.

Patient-Centered "HEOR by Topic" Page


Patient Representatives

  • Represents a 501(c)(3) organization (in the US), non-profit status organization, charitable, OR a non-governmental organization with a mission to:
    • Combat a particular disease, disability, or group of diseases/disabilities
    • Improve and protect the health of a particular group of people
  • Engage in programs, such as, research, education, advocacy, and service to individuals and communities
  • Able to provide patient perspectives relevant to health policy, health technology assessment, and/or research and development (ie clinical trials, therapy development, etc.)
  • Must NOT be employed by health technology producers (biopharmaceutical, medical device, or diagnostic companies).


Patient Engagement Initiatives


ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024

The goal of the ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 is to advance patient-centered research by fostering collaboration between the ISPOR researcher and patient communities. The summit provides a global platform for sharing developments in patient-centered research, patient-engagement methods, and policies that support the incorporation of this evidence into regulatory, and value and health technology assessment processes. This summit will seek to optimize the impact of patient engagement in evidence generation and healthcare decision-making.

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Patient Council

The Patient Council serves as a platform for dialogue and information sharing among the Society’s global patient engagement groups, as an advisory body to the Board of Directors, and as a main contributor to the development and implementation of its patient initiatives. The Patient Council is composed of chairs from each of the Society’s Patient Representatives Roundtables.

Patient Representatives Roundtables

The Society’s Patient Representatives Roundtables provide a platform for patient representatives to interact with other stakeholders and determine how best to engage patients in the research and decision making processes. The Roundtables are held across the global in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. To explore sponsorship opportunities, please contact patientcouncil@ispor.org.

Patient Membership Category and Conference Travel Grants

As part of its commitment to patient engagement, ISPOR offers a special Patient Representative Membership category for patients. Additionally, travel grants are offered to support patient members’ attendance at the Society’s scientific conferences.

Patient-Centered Special Interest Group

ISPOR’s Patient-Centered Special Interest Group works to facilitate the involvement of patient representatives in all stages of research and decision making to improve healthcare and its delivery and outcomes.

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