ISPOR Consortia

Consortia are regional ISPOR groups comprised of chapters and individuals in the region. The mission of consortia, consistent with the mission of the Society, is to advance health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) excellence to improve healthcare decision making in the region. ISPOR consortia includes:

Consortia are supported by various working committees, including:


Executive Committee

The Consortium Executive Committee is the policy and decision making body of the Consortium.

Publication Committee

The Consortium Publication Committee promotes the science of health economics and outcomes research in the region by producing the Consortium newsletters and working with ISPOR editors and staff in securing regional content for publication in Value in HealthValue in Health Regional Issues, and Value & Outcomes Spotlight.

Regional Conference Program Review Committee

The Conference Program Review Committee, in partnership with ISPOR staff, is responsible for selecting the plenary topics and speakers for regional conferences.

Advisory Committee

A strategic and technical advisory committee to the Consortium Executive Committee, the Advisory Committee provides counsel on new initiatives, health science or health policy issues, and other activities of the consortium.

Industry Committee

The Consortium Industry Committee provides a global platform for industry members to discuss issues important to the health technology innovations and market development in the region.

Health Technology Assessment Agencies and Payers Committee

The Consortium Health Technology Assessment Agencies and Payers Committee provides a global platform for analysts, researchers, and managers from assessment agencies, government health policymakers, and individuals from public or private health payers to discuss and debate issues related to all health products (including drugs and medical devices and diagnostics), as well as health policy issues, lessons-learned, and experiences in healthcare policy making and implementation.

Education Committee

The Consortia Education Committee encourages, facilitates, and promotes ISPOR educational programs in the region and supports information sharing within the Society on the educational activities of regional members.

Research Committee

The Research Committee designs and engages in projects that enhance the science of the HEOR (clinical, economic, and patient-reported outcomes) and lead to improvements in the healthcare system in the region. The committee facilitates the development and update of the Socitey's Global Health Care Systems RoadmapPharmacoeconomic Guidelines (where applicable), and is a contact point on the regional research questions for ISPOR inquiries.

Consortium members may participate in working committees. Contact us for more information.
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