The ISPOR Global Engagement Council was approved by the Board of Directors in July 2017 to:

  • Link the Society’s consortia and networks more closely to the Board of Directors in order to strengthen communication and ensure alignment of strategy.
  • Establish a formal Council that reports to the Board of Directors composed of consortium and network chairs, as well as presidents from at-large chapters (ie, chapters not aligned with a network or consortium).
  • Define criteria for the initiation and ongoing support for consortia and networks.
  • Simplify a complicated legacy organizational structure and procedures and further define roles and responsibilities.


The Global Engagement Council facilitates and strengthens member engagement in ISPOR’s global communities. 


The Global Engagement Council provides guidance to the Society’s Board of Directors on global or regional strategic issues. The Council supports the leaders and members of the regional groups including the consortia, networks, and regional chapters by providing guidance on strategic and scientific priorities to be implemented by the Society’s regional groups. Consortia, networks, and regional chapters report to the Global Engagement Council.

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