The ISPOR Student Network has 7 committees that liaise with the ISPOR staff and the Student Network advisor, chair, past chair, regional leads, and Faculty Advisor Council. Each committee has a key role in supporting ISPOR's mission to advance health economics and outcomes research excellence globally. Student chapter presidents and members of the executive committee are eligible to participate in committees. For more information on the Student Network or how to get involved with its committees, please email us.


Chapter Development Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum of 4)


  • Work with ISPOR staff to identify, contact, and convert prospective ISPOR student chapters;
  • Collaborate with the Member Engagement Committee to assist newly formed chapters with the onboarding process by communicating Adopt-A-Chapter Mentorship Program;
  • Facilitate the reinstatement of recently inactive chapters through the identification of faculty to contact;
  • Foster ISPOR chapter growth for regions where there is a greater need (eg, regions with fewer chapters);
  • Work with regional leads when they contact the committee about interest in forming a chapter from their region.
  • Research regional chapters and identify areas where we have a regional chapter but no student chapter so we can try to develop one;
  • Adapt the work of the committee considering externalities, additional needs, or changing circumstances;


  • Evaluate "Form a Student Chapter" flyer changes and continue to make improvements as needed. 
  • Now that we have a Spanish flyer consider possibility of translating to other prominent languages (ie, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese);
  • Establish at least 3 new chapters in Latin America and 2 in Africa through collaboration with regional leads;
  • Assist ISPOR staff with review of top HEOR related programs to determine if there are universities listed that we should contact;
  • Leverage ISPOR conferences to promote student chapter formation.

Regions to Cover: (Please identify at least 1 member to handle each region.)

  • North America and Canada
  • Latin America
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
  • Asia Pacific

Chapter Development Committee Report 2019-2020

Education Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum 4)


  • Coordinate educational webinars each semester that will provide ISPOR student members with the opportunity to learn from established HEOR professionals;
  • Identify topics and speakers based on input from the Student Interest Survey, recommendations from prior committee members, and through consulting with the Faculty Advisor Council;
  • Leverage the Competency Assessment Framework to fill in the gaps on topics where there is not enough existing content;
  • Communicate timing of student educational webinars and availability of archived webinars to social media outlets (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, Twitter).


  • Plan a minimum of 6 student webinars as outlined in the suggested timeline below;
  • Work with ISPOR staff to provide database/resource center to Education Council so they can review;
  • Perform an analysis of ISPOR webinar attendee information;
  • Promote archived webinars as activities chapters can use at their local events;
  • Evaluate and analyze results from the Student Post Webinar Survey that will give the Student Network better insights into the success of webinars.

Suggested Webinar Timeline: Work with existing committee to pick up where they are leaving off.

  • 3+ in Fall Semester (July to December)
  • 3+ in Spring Semester (January to June)

Education Committee Report 2019-2020

Grant Review Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum 4)


  • Maintain all deadlines and notification dates for the new quarterly submission periods as defined below;
  • Work with fellow committee members to review and score chapter activity grant submissions based on newly established criteria;
  • Once applications are reviewed and scored, send an email to update the Google Docs spreadsheet;
  • Communicate approved grants to the Publication Committee to follow up with the chapter post event for their newsletter write up.
  • Communicate recipients for and availability of funds through social media (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, Twitter) and Student Network leadership monthly meetings. 


  • Continue the new Grant Review Committee process for receiving and delivering activity grants;
  • Ensure equal distribution of funds throughout the 2021 year as according to the activity grant submission/review periods outlined below;
  • Help promote chapters applying for virtual activities for the foreseeable future considering the pandemic;
  • Evaluate the revamped grant process and tweak scoring as needed;
  • Produce a sample document with different examples of successful events that were funded through activity grants

Activity Grant Submission/Review Periods:

Activity Period

Application Open

Application Deadline

Chapters Notified

January - March 2021

October 1

November 1 

December 1

April - June 2021

January 1

February 1

March 1

July - September 2021

April 1

May 1

June 1

October - December 2021

July 1

August 1

September 1


Grant Review Committee Report 2019-2020

Meeting Planning Committee


  • Co-Chairs (2)
  • Committee Members (at least 6)


  • Assist ISPOR staff and the Student Network Chair with planning and executing student events during ISPOR in-person and/or virtual Conferences;
  • Committee members will be assigned tasks based on the needs of the particular event they will support (ie, ISPOR Annual, ISPOR Regional, ISPOR Europe)
  • Identify ways to improve existing offerings and implement new events in coordination with ISPOR staff
  • Post about ISPOR conference events on social media outlets on site or virtually as relevant (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, and Twitter)


  • Assist ISPOR staff to organize student activities at all ISPOR conferences during the year. Refer to the listing of events that typically occur at each event below (subject to change based on COVID);
  • Develop student brochures for each conference (variable deadlines) using Canva;
  • Evaluate student meeting-related activities to suggest changes or new ideas;
  • Identify topics and potential speakers for student events as needed (eg, for roundtable events at conferences).

Student Activities by Conference (Subject to Change):

Meeting Planning Committee Report 2019-2020

Membership Engagement Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum 4)


  • To maintain and grow ISPOR student membership within chapters through periodic onboarding outreach to new chapter presidents
  • Collaborate with Publication Committee to spread awareness of student recruitment campaigns;
  • Maintain and update flyers that tailor the benefits of membership based on the student’s program of study (ie, flyer highlighting all ISPOR benefits specific to PharmD or PhD students);
  • Post about Student Chapter President Resource Center and Adopt-A-Chapter Mentorship Program on social media outlets to ensure awareness among chapter leaders. (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, and Twitter).


  • Make available the existing flyers and member engagement guidelines developed by Member Engagement Committee;
  • Collaborate with current ISPOR chapter presidents of previously awarded Outstanding Chapter universities from 2019-2020 to obtain feedback on member engagement guidelines and flyers for incorporation/revision of the following (funded or non-funded):
    • Educational activities

    • Networking activities

    • Social activities

    • Volunteer activities

    • Fundraising activities

  • Tailor the member engagement guidelines and flyers to communicate the brand / benefits of ISPOR chapters housed in different program (PharmD, PhD, MS) concentrations (health economics, health policy, public health sciences, health services research, pharmacoepidemiology, etc);
  • Revise and distribute the chapter onboarding documents on a monthly and 6-month basis for chapters that were formed this year.

Membership Engagement Committee Report 2019-2020

Publication Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum 4)


  • Report chapter activities broken into regions (Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America);
  • Articles may also include helpful tips and insights about networking, research methods, or HEOR-related content;
  • Create quarterly newsletter quiz designed for students to compete to win a $100 prize for their chapter;
  • Committee members will be responsible to liaise with other committees to collect latest news (ie, survey releases, activity grants, webinars, etc)
  • Collaborate with Grant Review Committee to follow up on chapter activity grant write ups for inclusion in newsletter
  • Post about the release of newsletters and highlight articles from each issue in social media outlets (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, and Twitter) 


  • To publish 2 issues including regional chapter, chapter activity grant, and committee updates;
  • To network with and cross-promote other ISPOR publications (eg, work with ISPOR staff and student network chair on student "By The Numbers" articles for Value & Outcomes Spotlight);
  • To increase contributions of content from students throughout the globe that are not related to chapter events;
  • Develop a new content section that can be pulled from other ISPOR publications.

Student Newsletter Timing:

Issue 1:  Covers activities from May 2020 to October 2020 (work with the prior year’s committee)
Request For Materials Date: September 1, 2020
Deadline For Materials: October 1, 2020
Due To ISPOR Staff: October 15, 2020
Publish Date: End of November 2020

Issue 2: Covers activities from November 2020 to April 2021
Request For Materials Date: March 1, 2020
Deadline For Materials: April 1, 2020
Due To ISPOR Staff: April 15, 2020
Publish Date: End of April 2020

Publication Committee Report 2019-2020

Survey and Evaluation Committee


  • Chair (1)
  • Committee Members (minimum 4)


  • Work with ISPOR staff to design, test, implement, and evaluate annual and biennial surveys for distribution to student members and chapter presidents
  • Conduct data analysis to utilize the information to aid ISPOR staff in developing improvements or enhancements of existing ISPOR Student Network activities
  • Share relevant results with appropriate ISPOR committees to help inform their activities
  • Post about the release of surveys in social media outlets (eg, Student Facebook Group, LinkedIn, and Twitter)


  • Analyze student interest survey results for trends to inform changes or improvements to the Student Network
  • Analyze and compare data from student membership benefits survey from 2018 and the second biennial version going out in 2020 for trends;
  • Work with other committees to share results of surveys to help with needs of the ISPOR student membership (eg, Education Committee, Meeting Planning Committee, Publication Committee, chapter development, and regional leads);
  • Publish all survey results in student newsletter so all student members can benefit from the learnings;
  • Present survey results at ISPOR annual conference and possibly ISPOR Europe conference as relevant.

Surveys Managed:

  • Student Interest Survey (annual)
  • Data Collection Period: October 1, 2019 through November 30, 2019
  • Student Membership Benefits Survey (biennial)
  • Tentative Data Collection Period: February 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020

Survey & Evaluation Committee Report 2018-2019

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