What This Resource Offers

Assessing the Evidence for Healthcare Decision Makers assists healthcare decision makers in reviewing the evidence of research studies used in health technology assessments and/or drug formulary decisions studies to determine if they are:

  • Relevant to the setting/decision in question and
  • Credible

The study elements evaluated in these determinations include study validation, data, design, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and conflict of interest.


These interactive, Excel-based questionnaires include step-by-step instructions and:

  • Can be downloaded and used when needed (see links below)
  • Can be used for a study-specific assessment and then printed and/or saved
  • Are editable in Excel by users to add/subtract questions or otherwise modify the study assessment if so desired
  • Contain additional information (vocabulary, references, and step-by-step instructions)

Four versions of the interactive questionnaire are provided below to assess the following study types:

Observational studies:

  • Prospective observational studies
  • Retrospective observational database studies

 Healthcare information synthesis studies:

  • Modeling studies
  • Network meta-analysis/indirect treatment comparison studies

    Download the Spreadsheets

    Prospective Observational Studies
    Retrospective Observational Studies
    Modeling Studies
    Network Meta-Analysis/Indirect Treatment Comparison Studies
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