Program Committee

Say “hello” to this year’s Program Committee!  ISPOR is excited to work with an amazing group of talented and passionate members dedicated to curating a robust slate of sessions and building an impactful program. It’s through their collaboration with ISPOR that we can deliver a meaningful experience to attendees.


Adrian Griffin
Adrian Griffin, MSc
VP HTA & Market Access, Johnson & Johnson, United Kingdom
Anja Schiel
Anja Schiel, PhD
Special Adviser, Lead Methodologist in Regulatory and Pharmacoeconomic Statistics, Norwegian Medicines Agency, Norway
Steffen Thistrup
Steffen Thirstrup, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer, European Medicines Agency (EMA), Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Tamàs Àgh, MD, MSc, PhD
Research Associate Professor, University of Pècs, Pècs & Syreon Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Bryan Bennett, PhD

WWHEOR PRO Asset/Indication Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb, England, United Kingdom
Sofie Berghuis
Market Access Manager, GSK, the Netherlands 


Imre Boncz, MD, MSc, PhD, Habil
Professor & Director, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary

Jacoline Bouvy, MSc, PhD
Program Director Medicines Evaluation, NICE, London, United Kingdom
Thor-Henrik Brodtkorb, PhD
Executive Director, Health Economics, RTI Health Solutions, Ljungskile, Sweden

Brian Buysse, PhD
Senior Director Epidemiology, Syneos Health, Spain
Bill Byrom, PhD
Vice President, Product Intelligence and Positioning, Signant Health, London, United Kingdom

Isaac Corro Ramos, MSc
Scientific Researcher, Institute for Medical Technology Assessment, The Netherlands

Koen Degeling, BSc, MSc, PhD
Research Scientist, Lumen Value & Access, The Netherlands
Ramiro Eugenio Gilardino, MHA, MSc, MD
Global HTA & Access Policy Leader, MSD Innovation & Development, GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

Michael Herdman, MSc
Head of Health Outcomes, Office of Health Economics, Spain
Iñaki Imaz-Iglesia, MD, PhD, MPH
Researcher, Health Technology Assessment Agency, Institute of Health “Carlos III” (AETS-ISCIII), Madrid, Spain

Seamus Kent, MSc, PhD
Lead, HTA, Flatiron, the Netherlands
Saskia Knies, PhD
Senior Advisor Health Economics and Personalized Medicine, National Health Care Institute, Diemen, the Netherlands

Irina Kinchin, MSc, PhD
Research Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Ka Keat Lim, MPharm, MSc, PhD
Research Fellow, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom
Laura McCullagh, BSc (PHarm), PhD
Head of Research, Chief I Pharmacist, National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics, Ireland & Clinical Senior Lecturer, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Trinity College Dublin
Oresta Piniazhko, PhD
Director of HTA Department, SEC of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Ukraine  
Thomas Rapp, PhD
Professor, Université Paris Cité (LIRAES), Co-director of the Health Policy Research Program, Sciences Po (LIEPP), Senior Advisor, Cepton-Vintura, Paris, France

Delphine Saragoussi, MSPH, MD
Executive Director, Research Science, Evidera, Paris, France
Vanessa Schaub, PhD
Global Access Evidence Enabler HTA Strategy, F. Hoffmann La Roche, Basel, Switzerland

Anne Spencer
Professor, University of Exeter, Exeter, United Kingdom


Mehtap Tatar, PhD
Director, Polar Health Economics and Policy Consultancy, Turkey 


Praveen Thokala, MASc, PhD
Senior Research Fellow, School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Yves Verboven, MSc, Ir
Founder, EU4HealthSolutions, Belgium 

Ian Watson
Senior Technical Adviser – Methods, NICE, London, United Kingdom

Steffen Wahler, MD
CEO, St. Bernward GmbH, Germany
Nicky J Welton, PhD
Professor, Statistical and Health Economic Modelling, Director, NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit, co-Director, Bristol Technology Assessment Group, Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Sorrel Wolowacz, PhD
Head, European Health Economics, RTI Health Solutions, Manchester, United Kingdom
Olivia Wu, PhD, MSc
Professor, Director of Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA) Research Group, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom