The Education Council was approved by the Board of Directors in July 2017 to:

  • Develop and enhance the opportunities available to those who seek education and training in health economics and outcomes research.
  • Identify an HEOR core curriculum for Short Course, In-person, and virtual programs based on the training needs for HEOR professionals and others interested in HEOR.
  • Work with ISPOR staff to review Committee decisions regarding regional education and training to ensure high quality and highly relevant global learning.
  • Leverage ISPOR’s knowledge of HEOR trends identified by ISPOR Councils including the HSPC, Institution Council, HTA Council, Faculty Advisors Council to develop cutting edge programs.
  • Monitor education programs in HEOR developed by academic institutions, consultants, and other associations.
  • Oversee the Short Course Committee, Distance Learning Working Group, and co-manage Regional Consortium and Network Education groups.


The Education Council supports strategic and integrated planning for ISPOR Education initiatives across the Society.


The Education Council, comprised of members with expertise in HEOR and a strong knowledge of best practices in professional training and education provides guidance to the Society on education and training issues. The Council brings together groups previously functioning independently, including the Short Course Committee, Distance Learning Working Group, as well as Regional Short Course and Education Committees.

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