Commitment to Supporting HEOR Advancement and Utilization in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Improving Healthcare Decisions Around the Globe

ISPOR is actively supporting its mission--promoting health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) excellence to improve decision making for health globally. In fact, ISPOR committed US $3.9 million toward mission-focused initiatives in 2019 alone. The Society advances HEOR globally through its consortia, networks, and chapters and by producing worldwide conferences, training and education and publications. It also sponsors travel grant programs for both professional and student members and low- and middle-income countries chapter funding programs. These activities help to advance the Society’s mission in emerging markets. Well over half of ISPOR’s 80+ regional chapters are based in low- and middle-income countries, demonstrating ISPOR’s commitment to advancing the use of HEOR worldwide.

ISPOR has more than 19,000 individual and chapter members across 110+ countries.


Advancing HEOR in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

ISPOR has a strong commitment to the advancement of HEOR in low- and middle-income countries. Programs to support this objective include the following:

LMIC Health Economics and Outcomes Research Award

The LMIC Health Economics and Outcomes Research Excellence Award recognizes individuals with demonstrated outstanding research achievements in the area of health economics and outcomes research in LMICs.


Membership Fee Waivers

ISPOR offers a membership fee waiver to individuals from low- and middle-income countries (as per the World Bank Classification of Low-Lower/Upper-Middle Income Countries).


ISPOR Conference Travel Grants

The Society offers conference travel grants to ISPOR conferences for members with a primary residence in a country classified by the World Bank as Low/Lower-Middle/Upper-Middle Economy.


Chapter Educational Funds

ISPOR Regional Chapters in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America can apply for financial support through the ISPOR educational fund to facilitate local educational activities and discussions with government and other decision makers in low- and middle-income countries.


Value in Health Regional Issues

Value in Health Regional Issues is an online, MEDLINE®-indexed journal that publishes articles on health-related topics that impact the health systems and health policies in the following regions: 1) Asia; 2) Central and Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and Africa; and 3) Latin America. This publication exists to offer a publishing platform for emerging markets and demonstrates research expertise in these areas. To get published or become a reviewer, click the button below.


Awards and Recognition

ISPOR recognizes members and thought leaders in the field of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) through a wide variety of scientific achievement and leadership awards and research presentation awards. The Value in Health Regional Issues Excellent Article Award was established to recognize the best article published in Value in Health Regional Issues from a region, (Asia; Latin America; Central and Eastern Europe, and Western Asia and Africa). The Outstanding Regional Chapter Award was introduced in 2017 to recognize outstanding contributions and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters in advancing the Society’s mission in its global regions.


Training and Education

ISPOR offers a wide variety of training and education opportunities customized for attendees from the countries where the use of HEOR is evolving. The Society’s training and education offerings include:

Short Courses
…offered in conjunction with ISPOR conferences around the world.

Health Technology Assessment Training Program
…a 1 to 3½  day program that focuses on the principles of health technology assessment with in-depth coverage of clinical and economic evaluation.

Educational Webinars
…featuring both live and on-demand webinars that provide convenient access to core and trending topics in the field.

Chapter Leadership Training
…that provides training and support to chapter leaders who are working to develop the science of HEOR in their region.

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