The goal of the Patient Representatives Roundtable is to provide a platform for patient representatives to interact with other stakeholders and determine how best to engage patient representatives in the research and decision making processes.

ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtables

Patient Representatives Roundtable – Asia Pacific

2020 Patient Representatives Roundtable - Asia Pacific

Virtual | 10 September 2020

The ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable-Asia Pacific was held virtually on 10 September and convened more than 30 participants, including patient representatives, researchers, government and HTA bodies, and the pharmaceutical industry. The Roundtable featured presentations from the Center for Drug Evaluation in Taiwan and the HTA Unit from the Philippines Ministry of Health, as well as discussions on the challenges and opportunities for how to promote patient involvement in healthcare decision making processes in the Asia-Pacific region. 

2019 Patient Representatives Roundtable - Asia Pacific

Beijing, China | 25 October 2019

Held on 25 October in Beijing, China, the Patient Representatives Roundtable discussed the role of patient participation in health technology assessment (HTA) in the Asia Pacific region. Patient representatives from Taiwan, Thailand, and China, as well as representatives from an emerging HTA body in Philippines and from established HTA bodies in Australia and Taiwan, presented their perspectives on how to promote participation of patients in healthcare decision making processes.

Previous Patient Representatives Roundtables - Asia Pacific

2018 - Tokyo, Japan




Patient Representatives Roundtable – Europe

2020 Patient Representatives Roundtable - Europe

Virtual | 24 November 2020

The ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable–Europe convened on November 24 to discuss the impact of patient-generated evidence and patient-reported outcomes. More than 35 representatives from various patient organizations, research groups, health technology assessment bodies, health technology industry, and regulatory agencies participated in the discussion. Some of the participating organizations included EUPATI, International Alliance of Patient Organizations, IQWIG, NICE, the European Commission and European Medicines Agency. 

2019 Patient Representatives Roundtable - Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark | 4 November 2019

Held on 4 November in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Patient Representatives Roundtable convened to discuss patient involvement in the development and interpretation of patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Representatives from EUPATI, International Alliance of Patients Organizations (IAPO), multiple cancer organizations, hemophilia and Alzheimer’s disease were among the nearly 20 patient organizations present. Other stakeholders including regulatory and government representatives from the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission, researchers, payer and HTA bodies, and the medical technology industry discussed their perspectives and future direction for involving patients in the research and healthcare decision making processes. 


Previous Patient Representatives Roundtables - Europe

2018 - Barcelona, Spain
2017 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK
2016 - Vienna, Austria
2015 - Milan, Italy
2014 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 - Dublin, Ireland



Patient Representatives Roundtable - Latin America

2019 Patient Representatives Roundtable - Latin America

Bogotá, Colombia | 12 September 2019 

Held on 12 September in Bogotá, Colombia, the Patient Representatives Roundtable recently convened to discuss the role of patient participation in health technology assessment (HTA), as well as the elements and methodologies necessary to facilitate the participation of all key stakeholders involved in HTA in the Latin America region. Multi-stakeholder representation including participants from Fundación GIST Chile, Psoriasis Association of Argentina, Global Alliance for Patient Access, Ministries of Health from Brazil and Mexico, Instituto de Evaluación en Salud (IETS), AbbVie, and Pfizer were included in the discussion.

Previous Patient Representatives Roundtables - Latin America

  • 2018 - Lima, Peru
  • 2017 - São Paulo, Brazil


Patient Representatives Roundtable – North America

2021 Virtual Patient Representatives Roundtable - North America

Virtual|May 6, 2021

On May 6, more than 45 attendees from chronic and rare disease patient organizations, researchers, government, payers, and industry virtually gathered at the Patient Representatives Roundtable – North America to identify the needed measures to assess the value and effectiveness of virtual approaches to healthcare. Presentations from the Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Foundation, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, and the National Health Council highlighted the barriers and opportunities to telediagnosis and management of diseases through the use of telemedicine and virtual care. 

2020 Virtual Patient Representatives Roundtable - North America

Virtual| June 15, 2020

The ISPOR Patient Representatives Roundtable-North America convened virtually on June 15 to discuss incorporating patient-generated health data (PGHD) to inform healthcare decision making related to health technology assessment (HTA), value assessment, pricing, coverage, and reimbursement decisions. More than 45 representatives from various patient organizations, payers and HTA bodies, research organizations, government, and the pharmaceutical industry shared their perspectives; including the Arthritis Foundation, Sick Cells, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, ICER and US FDA. 

2019 Patient Representatives Roundtable - North America

New Orleans, LA|May 2019

40 participants attended the 14th Patient Representatives Roundtable in New Orleans, LA, USA, including patient representatives, academicians and researchers, regulatory and government, payers and HTA bodies, and the medical technology industry. Participants covered therapeutic areas in both the rare disease and chronic diseases space including representatives from Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) and National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), Cystic Fibrosis, Cancer, Liver, and Arthritis, as well as Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH), US Food and Drug Administration, National Health Council, Premera Blue Cross, AbbVie, Inc., and Merck & Co. Topics of discussion included the value of patient engagement in research and the impact patient generated health data and real-world evidence have had on health outcomes and decision making. 

Previous Patient Representatives Roundtables - North America

2018 - Baltimore, MD
2017 - Boston, MA
2016 - Washington, DC
2015 - Philadelphia, PA




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