Learning Formats

From observing conversations that count to joining a debate or diving into problem-solving mode, we have numerous learning styles covered. Mix and match our learning formats to create an educational experience that works for you!

Plenary Sessions
Thought-provoking, global challenges deconstructed by acclaimed panelists representing multiple stakeholders focused on healthcare policy, the application of HEOR in healthcare decision making, or methodology.

Spotlight Sessions 
Spotlight sessions highlight areas of innovation in HEOR. 

Breakout Sessions: Issue Panels, Workshops, & More
Traditional sessions dedicated to the “how to,” “so what,” “what’s new,” and specific advances needed to keep up on your day-to-day.  Issue Panels introduce debates with multistakeholder perspectives on new and controversial issues in HEOR while workshops and other session formats focus on new and innovative applications in the conduct and use of HEOR or the latest on real world data, clinical, economic, or patient-reported outcomes, patient preferences, and healthcare policy.  

Podium Sessions
Top research abstracts, selected by the Research Review Committee, that have been invited to give oral presentations of their latest work. Each podium session is comprised of individual research abstracts that have been grouped together by an overarching theme. 

Case Studies
Case Study sessions focus on the use of HEOR to inform a healthcare decision or series of decisions, noting successes and lessons learned. The scope of case studies could be local (for example, from a local healthcare payer or provider organization serving a small jurisdiction or region) to national (for example, from a regulator or HTA body serving a country). Each case study session is comprised of individual abstracts that have been grouped together by an overarching theme.

Poster Sessions 
Stroll or Scroll through a gallery of visually stimulating science. View posters by topic, category, authors, and author discussion time. Be sure to check out this year’s poster presentations schedule and stop in to join timely research discussions. 

Poster Tours

ISPOR has curated collections of research posters for you within each of the poster sessions. Each tour will feature high impact abstracts within a specific topical area and will include a tour guide as well as the poster authors to share their work and engage in discussions with you. The poster tours will be a 45-minute experience comprised of a brief overview of each poster, by the author, followed by an interactive discussion. 

Forums are 60-minute presentations facilitated by ISPOR Member Groups on scientific research and initiatives, regional health policy, and best research practices that are directly associated to the work or role of the ISPOR Member Groups. Forums are open to all attendees and are a great way to learn more about the work ISPOR members are leading. 

Fast Facts- NEW!
Have 30 minutes? Join in on a conversation and come away with new perspectives!
Try our new Fast Facts sessions located within the new Connection Zone. Fast Facts sessions offer learning through distilled down, fast paced information sharing. This is an activity where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with knowledge leaders and participate in a conversation to gain rapid understanding in a subject of value or attain a greater perspective by listening to information.

This is a nontraditional learning/networking hybrid specifically designed for peer-to-peer leading and small groups of attendees.

Discussion Groups
Let’s discuss! The conference schedule will include a series of 60-minute group discussions that are inspired by sessions within the ISPOR Europe 2023 program. This set of discussions will take place in the new Discussion Lounge located in Hall E of the Bella Center. Many of the discussions will include the session moderator and speakers. Group discussions are open to all conference attendees and are intended to be highly interactive, collaborative, and promote the exchange of ideas in a peer-to-peer setting. This is an opportunity to continue the conversation and make meaningful connections with other attendees. 

Educational Symposia  
ISPOR Educational Symposia are sponsored high-level HEOR presentations related to ISPOR’s mission and available to all ISPOR conference delegates. 

Exhibit Hall Theater 
The Exhibit Hall Theater is part of ISPOR’s year-round HEOR Solutions Center. Presenters, within the Exhibit Hall Theater, will deliver 30-minute insightful, informative, and educational presentations with a focus on working towards solutions by sharing the latest trends, products, and services.