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Strengthening ISPOR Through Diversity

ISPOR’s commitment to diversity begins with its strategic pillars and organizational values. One of the Society’s core values is, "We embrace diversity and inclusion in our membership and in all endeavors."


ISPOR's Organizational Values

ISPOR's Organizational Values


Diversity Is a Performance Issue

Diversity is not simply the right thing to do. Diversity is a performance issue. Research has demonstrated that diversity of all types improves performance.1 ISPOR believes that diversity will improve both the Society and the science of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR).

ISPOR's Diversity Metrics

Diversity Dimensions

Since its inception, ISPOR has recognized the importance of diversity and has actively worked to improve diversity of all types. As a global, multistakeholder organization, ISPOR’s diversity focus includes a variety of diversity dimensions, including (but not limited to) gender, career stage, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, regional/geographic location, disability, religion, and more.

Diversity Dimensions 2022 Update


Diversity Policy and Initiatives

ISPOR’s board of directors recently approved a diversity policy to formalize the Society’s position on diversity. Diversity themes are currently incorporated into many ISPOR groups and initiatives, including the Society’s:

  • Strategic plan
  • Governance initiatives
    • Diversity policy
    • Board of directors’ code of conduct
    • Code of ethics
    • Chapter agreements
    • Nominations committee standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines
    • Working group SOPs and guidelines
  • Board of directors, councils, working groups, and staff
  • Conference SOPs that encourage session speaker diversity
  • Conference accommodations (eg, nursing mother rooms, prayer rooms, meal accommodations)
  • New Professionals network
  • Women in HEOR initiative

What You Can Do

The Society is committed to diversity in its leadership and all activities that reflect its exceptionally diverse global, multistakeholder membership. True change, however, requires the efforts of the HEOR community. Click on the button below to find out more about how you can make a difference.

What You Can Do


1 Hunt, V.,  Layton, D.,  S. Prince, S. (2015), Diversity Matters. McKinsey.

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