Throughout the year, our Editors may issue a Call for Papers for a special collection of articles for a themed issue or themed section of the journal. Below you’ll find links to the current Call for Papers for Value in Health.

Call for Papers:

From Health to Welfare

Although there is widespread agreement that the main objective of healthcare interventions is to improve health, the distinction between health and the broader benefits of welfare is often blurred. In some settings, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, one of the criteria for prioritizing health interventions may be their impact on equity or broader social implications, such as protecting household income or influencing some of the socioeconomic determinants of health. However, although there may be a case for broadening the consideration of the benefits of healthcare interventions, a shift from health to welfare would also have implications for healthcare budgeting and decision making. For example, how would the more narrowly defined benefits of improved health be traded with broader welfare in a healthcare decision-making context? Would the comparators include both healthcare and nonhealthcare interventions? Should healthcare budgets be expanded to cover interventions that generate these broader benefits?

This proposed themed section in Value in Health offers the opportunity to explore these issues further. Authors interested in submitting an article for this themed section should submit a brief description (no more than 500 words) of their proposed study to the editors via our online portal at by March 31, 2023. Authors invited to contribute a paper for this themed section should aim to submit a full manuscript by July 31, 2023.


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Systematic Literature Reviews Related to Healthcare Treatments and Policies

Systematic literature reviews are an essential component for obtaining data inputs or assessing the impact of health technologies on clinical, economic, or health-related quality of life. Recognizing the inherent usefulness of these types of studies, the Editors of Value in Health are issuing an open Call for Papers for systematic literature reviews on a wide array of topics that seek to inform healthcare decision making.

Submissions received before June 30, 2023 will have the best chance of being published in Value in Health in 2023. Final decisions regarding ultimate acceptance rest solely with the Editors.

Authors should submit manuscripts through the journal’s web-based tracking system and be sure to classify their submissions as Systematic Literature Reviews.

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