Advancing Patient-Centered Research

This event was co-located at ISPOR 2024

The goal of the ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 was to advance patient-centered research by fostering collaboration between researchers and diverse patient communities. The summit provided a global platform to share developments in patient-centered research, patient-engagement methods, and policies that support the incorporation of this evidence into regulatory and value and health technology assessment processes. By highlighting emerging practices and case studies, the summit strengthened the impact of patient engagement in evidence generation and healthcare decision-making.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate between traditional evidence generation and patient-centered evidence generation approaches, demonstrating the value and contribution of patient engagement in research;
  • Describe established and emerging methods to support patient-centered research;
  • Provide case examples of patient-centered research in the role of regulatory and value/HTA decisions to highlight successes and contributions;
  • Discuss emerging standards and metrics to assess the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of patient engagement in research; and
  • Identify strategies to engage diverse patient communities in research.

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