ISPOR established the Health Science Policy Council in 2004 to advise the Board of Directors on key research issues in the field of health economics and outcomes research. In 2017, the Board of Directors approved a restructuring of the Council whose responsibilities now include oversight of the Society’s task forces and special interest groups, recommendations of scientific and policy-related content to the Board of Directors, development of papers on strategic topics, direction on collaborations, and advise on scientific and policy initiatives.


The mission of the Health Science Policy Council is to advise the Society on key scientific research and research policy issues in health economics outcomes research (HEOR).


  • Oversee task forces and special interest groups, including providing recommendations for approval of new groups
  • Suggest scientific and policy-related content
  • Advise on and assist in scientific and policy-related initiatives and collaborations
  • Produce white papers on selected strategic topics

Membership and Structure

The Council is composed of up to 10 Past Presidents, 5 Avedis Donabedian Outcomes Research Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, 5 invited HEOR experts (members who work in senior positions with 15+ years in the field, have noteworthy publication records, and provide significant service to the Society), and ISPOR’s Chief Science Officer. The 2017 restructuring created three HSPC Committees (see below) that also include representatives from ISPOR Consortia and Networks, other ISPOR Councils,  and the Value in Health Co-Editors-in-Chief. The Council is led by a steering committee composed of a chair, a past chair and a chair-elect.   

Council Committees 

The Health Science Policy Council reports to the ISPOR Board of Directors and is composed of 3 committees.

Heath Science Policy Council Organizational Structure

Health Science Policy Council Chair

Maarten IJzerman

Maarten IJzerman, MSc, PhD

Dean and Professor Cancer Health Services Research, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Health Science Policy Council Committees

Science/Research Committee

  • Conducts regular horizon scanning and recommends annual content priorities to the Board of Directors
  • Offers input on content for conferences, programs, groups, tools, and other member benefits; input on conference content includes consultation with conference co-chairs during initial conference theme discussions
  • Reviews special interest group initial and working group proposals and provides annual review of special interest group activities
  • Advises the Board of Directors on, and may support, scientific initiatives and collaborations

Task Force Review Committee

  • Reviews initial task force proposals
  • Makes recommendation on final task force proposal to the full Health Science Policy Council
  • Advises on topics for development

Policy Outlook Committee

  • Monitors policy issues through regular horizon scanning and advises on/formulates/reviews proposed responses to issues, including advising on whether the Society should submit comments on science policy issues posted for public comment by governments or other organizations
  • Recommends annual policy and content priorities to the Board of Directors
  • Offers input on content for conferences, programs, groups, tools, and other member benefits
  • Reviews regulatory and policy comments drafted for submission to governments or related groups, including those from regional chapters
  • Advises and assists in policy and stakeholder-related initiatives and collaborations
  • Reviews and recommends special task forces for Board of Directors approval



Council Members


The Health Science Policy Council was instrumental in producing the Society's first Top 10 HEOR Trends in 2018 as well as it's successors. The objective of the trends report is to help drive awareness about the important role HEOR plays in informing and improving healthcare decisions.

Council Activities

ISPOR Good Practices for Outcomes Research Task Forces Recommended by HSPC and Approved by the ISPOR Board of Directors

Responses to Calls for Consultation – see Dialogue with Decision-Makers.

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