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Questions and Answers: Adoption of Regulation on Health Technology Assessment [, December 2021]

The legal proposal to create a joint EU-level health technology assessment was approved Monday night (Dec 13, 2021) when it was adopted without any objections at a meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.The regulation supports the creation of mechanism and organizations to allow countries to conduct shared scientific evaluations of medical technologies, avoiding duplication and allowing smaller countries to benefit from the expertise of more experienced regulators.

European HTA agencies launch the Heads of Agencies Group [Eunethta, October 2021]

The EU Regulation on Health Technology Assessment: investing in the healthcare of the future [, October 2021]

Flora Giorgio, a European Commission expert in Medical Devices and Health Technology Assessment (HTA), gives us a brief look at Health Technology Assessment and the new legislation due for adoption by the end of the year. The team recently published Best-practice guidance for the health technology assessment of diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19

HTx-Next Generation Health Technology Assessment is a project aiming to create a framework for the Next Generation Health Technology Assessment (HTA). The team recently published Best-practice guidance for the health technology assessment of diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19. “Members of ISPOR HTA Council were involved in the preparation of these guidelines."

Asia Pacific

Latin America 


HTA in Brazil: A Moving Target [ISPOR News Across Latin America, August 2021]

Informe resumido: Mesa Redonda de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias (ETS) ISPOR – América Latina 2021 [ISPOR News Across Latin America, November 2021]

Middle East and Africa


Ghana launches its first Strategy for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) [The International Decision Support Initiative (iDSI), August 2021]

Virtual Health Technology Assessment Roundtable—Middle East and Africa 2021—Hosted by ISPOR

Nearly 25 attendees from HTA bodies across 14 different countries met virtually on October 12 to discuss and update the status of HTA implementation in their respective countries. Additionally, participants provided their perspectives on managed entry agreements as a potential mechanism to improve patient access. Learn more about ISPOR’s Health Technology Assessment Roundtables here.    


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