ISPOR Student Chapter Awards Program Overview

The student chapter awards are presented annually and recognize chapters that best support the advancement of ISPOR’s mission. Chapters that distinguish themselves through an exceptional level of participation, enthusiasm and involvement both locally and within the ISPOR Student Network, will be considered for these awards. All winning chapters will receive plaques, certificates and monetary awards.

Structure for Student Chapter Awards

I. Objective:
i) To recognize outstanding student chapters.
ii) To support new and developing student chapters though local and global collaborations involving sharing of knowledge and experience.

II. Timelines:
Application Period: March 1-March 15, 2020
Review Period: March 15-March 30, 2020
Notification Date: March 31, 2020

III. Awards:

Outstanding Chapter Award - 3 awards 

Outstanding New Chapter Award - 1 award 

Outstanding Chapter Collaboration Award - 2 awards 

Outstanding Low- and Middle-Income Country Chapter Award - 3 awards 

Outstanding New Low- and Middle-Income Country Chapter Award - 1 award

Student Research Competition* (ISPOR Annual & ISPOR Europe) - 3 awards for each event

Student Recruitment Campaign* - 3 awards

*These awards do not have the timeline highlighted above and participation will be solicited when necessary.

IV. Definitions

New Chapter: Completed at least 1 month and not more than 12 months since first date of chapter approval.
Low-and Middle-Income Country Chapter: Will be defined based as per the World Bank Classification of Low-Lower/Upper-Middle Income Countries. ISPOR uses the same criteria to decide membership fee waivers.
New Low-and Middle-Income Country Chapter: Meets criteria for both new and low-and middle-income country chapter
Chapter Collaboration: Includes any chapters participating in the Adopt-A-Chapter Program or collaborations between 2 or more ISPOR Chapters (Award money will be divided equally between collaborating chapters)


V. Application

The application will include (but not limited to) the following questions:

1. ISPOR Student Chapter Name: XXX
2. Chapter type: New Chapter, Developing Chapter, New Developing Chapter or other
3. Describe chapter activities (education, networking, social and volunteer) that took place during the academic year. Did you submit articles to the ISPOR newsletter?
4. What is the impact your chapter had within the university, institution, or community over the past year?
5. What are some goals and/or activities that your chapter has planned for next year (and beyond)?
6. Why should your chapter be considered for the ISPOR Chapter Award?

ISPOR Student Complimentary Conference Registration Program Overview

I. Objective: To reward ISPOR student chapter presidents and committee members for their dedicated involvement and contributions within the student network.

II. Information:

  • Eligibility: Chapter Presidents, Committee Members and Committee Chairs.
  • The complimentary registration can be used for any meeting in the calendar year (i.e., Annual, Regional or European).
  • The complimentary registration is independent of the student travel grants and, hence, students can apply for both. However, if they receive both, they need to choose one.

III. Selection criteria:

Contribution Maximum Points Notes
Attend monthly leadership call* 10 If students register and attend 7 calls from September through March, they will be awarded 10 points (If they are unable to attend all calls, they will receive a percentage of the total points).
Submitting annual chapter report 15 Individuals who are not Chapter Presidents will only be awarded these points if the chapter President submits the annual report.
Contribute to Student Network initiatives (e.g., Contribute to Newsletter, contributing to student working groups, Value & Outcomes Spotlight (VOS) By the Numbers (BTN) section, Attending Webinars) 10 Students that demonstrate a clear willingness to contribute to student network initiatives will be awarded these points.

1) 2.5 points per initiative participated
2) As there is limited space for VOS and Student working group initiatives, we will award 1 point for expressing willingness to participate
Being an active Committee Member** 5 Committee members will be awarded points based on following criteria:
1) Completing tasks assigned by committee chair = 3 points (To be decided by Committee Chair and reviewed by Student Network Chair and ISPOR Staff)
2) Attending 75% of scheduled committee calls throughout the year = 2 points (Committee Chairs to maintain attendance and confirmed using WebEx records)
Being an active Committee Chair** 10 Committee chairs will be awarded points based on following criteria:
1) Meet committee deliverables by set timelines = 6 points (To be evaluated by Student Network Chair and ISPOR staff)
2) Demonstrate leadership, are proactive and maintain clear communication with Student Network Chair, ISPOR staff and committee members = 4 points (To be evaluated by Student Network Chair and ISPOR staff)
e.g. Taking the initiative to schedule calls for planning and execution of tasks, delegation of responsibilities among committee members, ability to keep committee members engaged, volunteering to present on monthly leadership calls
Total points 50  

* All Chapter Presidents and Committee Members are invited to the monthly calls

**An applicant is either a committee member or Chair, not both


IV. Timelines

Activity Period: July 1, 2019 - March 15, 2020

Application Period: March 1-March 15, 2020

Review Period: March 15-March 30, 2020

Notification Date: March 31, 2020 


Student Network Awardees 2018-2019

Outstanding Student Chapter Award Recipients:

  1. West Virginia University
  2. University of Maryland, Baltimore
  3. University of Minnesota

Best New Student Chapter:

University of College, Cork 

Student Chapter President Distinguished Service Awardees:

  1. Jayesh Patel — West Virginia University
  2. Aakash Gandhi — University of Maryland, Baltimore
  3. Mrinmayee Lakkad — University of Arkansas 
  4. Eric Chinaeke — University of South Carolina
  5. Shannon Vaffis — University of Arizona
  6. Sofie Berghuis — University of Twente
  7. William Hall — University of British Columbia
  8. Christy Choi — University of Minnesota


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