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May 18, 2019: New US Payers Short Course
The Institutional Council was integral in the development of a short course, "US Payers—An Introduction to Their Structures, Evidence Needs, and Decision-Making Process," that launched at the ISPOR 2017 annual conference. To build on that topic, the Institutional Council collaborated with the Health Technology Assessment Council and the Faculty Advisor Council to develop a new short course, "US Healthcare System and Its Approach to Value and Affordability," that will launch during ISPOR 2019 and is scheduled for May 18 in New Orleans, LA, USA. Additionally, this global payers' short course will be adapted to integrate payer information in the specific regions of the European and Regional Conferences in 2020 by the collaboration team.

May 19, 2019: Institutional Council Roundtable
An Institutional Council Roundtable session will be held at ISPOR 2019 on May 19 in New Orleans, LA, USAJohn Hernandez, PhD, from Google was invited to speak to the Institutional Council members. He provided an interesting and provocative talk that spurred great discussion items such as why is Google in the health arena and what kinds of problems do they want to help ISPOR members with? At times there were more questions than answers, but it provided an important thought-making process to occur among the participants on what could be possible in the world of HEOR and AI, DL, ML.  Various other Institutional Council topics were discussed and debated concerning the Payers Short Course and the ISPOR HEOR Competency Assessment Framework™. An update was provided on the RWE transparency initiative.

August 7, 2019: Annual Strategic Meeting.
The Institutional Council Annual Strategic Meeting with gold and platinum level Institutional Council members and ISPOR leadership will be held August 7, 2019 in Princeton, NJ.

November 4, 2019: Institutional Council Luncheon
An Institutional Council luncheon will be held at ISPOR Europe 2019 scheduled for November 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 20, 2018: Institutional Council Roundtable
An Institutional Council Roundtable was held on May 20 at ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore, MD, USA. The roundtable, "Intersection of Value Frameworks and Personalized Medicine," featured a moderated panel discussion with speakers Kimberly Westrich, MA, National Pharmaceutical Council; Richard Chapman, PhD, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review; and Daryl Prichard, PhD, Personalized Medicine Coalition. During the session, speakers discussed several topical questions, including "Is there an intersection or a separation of value frameworks and personalized medicine?" "Can existing value frameworks be modified for an individual patient rather than to a population?," and "What are the decision-making implications for personalized medicine?"

August 1, 2018: Annual Strategic Meeting
Gold and platinum level Institutional Council members met with ISPOR leadership for their Annual Strategic Meeting on August 1, 2018 in Princeton, NJ. The agenda focused on a variety of topics, including high-level discussions on the future of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), the status of individualized technology, suggested actions for the Society to increase awareness of HEOR and help prepare for the future, the ISPOR Summit 2019, and responses to public consultations. Attending members also were provided with updates on ISPOR membership, collaborations, and events, in addition to an in-depth update on the ISPOR HEOR Competencies Framework™ initiative.

November 12, 2018: Institutional Council Luncheon
An Institutional Council luncheon was held on November 12 at ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. During the luncheon, ISPOR Past-President (2018-2019) Shelby D. Reed, RPh, PhD spoke to the council about the Society’s new Women in HEOR initiative. Dr Reed discussed the goal of the initiative—to support the growth, development, and contribution of women in HEOR and to offer a platform for support, learning, and networking. The Institutional Council will consider ways to further engage with the Women in HEOR initiative. Several potential avenues for support may include activities through the HEOR Competencies Framework™ and sponsorship of Women in HEOR events. Future opportunities could include collaboration with soft-skills training, networking opportunities, and mentoring.

A roundtable session was held during the 22nd International Meeting in Boston, MA, USA. During this session, more than 20 members of the council participated in discussions that engaged, enlightened, and provided a glimpse of important ISPOR initiatives on the horizon, including the status of the ISPOR Value Frameworks initiative, Payer Decision Making: Economic and Clinical Considerations , and Real-World Evidence Joint Special Task Force

The ISPOR Institutional Council and the Faculty Advisor Council joined forces to develop and implement a competency assessment inventory. The inventory contains the key competencies of the health economics and outcomes research discipline for students, new graduates, and new professionals in the field fewer than 3 years. This initiative is in its first phase, which includes the validation of the key competencies and the inclusion of these into a matrix divided into two segments (technical or strategic) and obtained by theoretical/didactic or applied/experiential methods. For more information, please see: Competency Assessment Inventory strategic meeting .

Roundtable sessions were held at the 21st International Meeting in Washington, DC and at the 19th European Congress in Vienna, Austria. These sessions bring together members from all ISPOR Councils to share their background, experiences, and goals in an effort to develop an overarching plan for collaboration among the councils.

As a result, the Institutional Council is now collaborating with the ISPOR Faculty Advisor Council to develop an employment assessment tool for new graduate and new professionals in the HEOR field. The Council also collaborated with the other ISPOR Councils to provide input for ISPOR’s formal response to European Commission’s initiative to invite public consultation for strengthening cooperation in the European Union on health technology assessment.

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