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A roundtable session was held during the 22nd International Meeting in Boston, MA, USA. During this session, more than 20 members of the council participated in discussions that engaged, enlightened, and provided a glimpse of important ISPOR initiatives on the horizon, including the status of the ISPOR Value Frameworks initiative, Payer Decision Making: Economic and Clinical Considerations, and Real-World Evidence Joint Special Task Force

The ISPOR Institutional Council and the Faculty Advisor Council joined forces to develop and implement a competency assessment inventory. The inventory contains the key competencies of the health economics and outcomes research discipline for students, new graduates, and new professionals in the field fewer than 3 years. This initiative is in its first phase, which includes the validation of the key competencies and the inclusion of these into a matrix divided into two segments (technical or strategic) and obtained by theoretical/didactic or applied/experiential methods. For more information, please see: Competency Assessment Inventory strategic meeting.

Roundtable sessions were held at the 21st International Meeting in Washington, DC and at the 19th European Congress in Vienna, Austria. These sessions bring together members from all ISPOR Councils to share their background, experiences, and goals in an effort to develop an overarching plan for collaboration among the councils.

As a result, the Institutional Council is now collaborating with the ISPOR Faculty Advisor Council to develop an employment assessment tool for new graduate and new professionals in the HEOR field. The Council also collaborated with the other ISPOR Councils to provide input for ISPOR’s formal response to European Commission’s initiative to invite public consultation for strengthening cooperation in the European Union on health technology assessment.

During 2014 & 2015, the ISPOR Institutional Council initiated an ISPOR member survey. The council developed targeted survey questions to better understand the interests and priorities of the life science and related organizations that comprise the Institutional Council. A forum was presented during the ISPOR 20th International Meeting in May 2015 to present the results and explore critical changes and opportunities facing industry today and to discuss how the ISPOR Institutional Council can effectively respond to our complex and evolving environment.

During 2013, the ISPOR Institutional Council sponsored and developed a Value in Health Personalized Medicine Special Issue, "Personalized Medicine and the Role of Health Economics and Outcomes Research: Applications, Emerging Trends, and Future Research", Vol. 16, S2 published in August 2013.

During 2010 & 2011 – Development of Comparative Effectiveness Research and Personalized Medicine Working Groups.

During 2006-2007, the Council-initiated Value in Health Special Issue, "Health Technology Assessment In Evidence-Based Health Care Reimbursement Decisions Around the World: Lessons Learned" which was published as a supplement to Value in Health in Vol. 12, Issue S2, June 2009.

During 2005, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) introduced new Instructions for Authors: Manuscript Submission (Vol. 293 No. 14, April 13, 2005) on data access and responsibility. “For reports containing original data, at least one author (e.g., the principal investigator) who is independent of any commercial funder should indicate that she or he "had full access to all the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis”. For industry-sponsored studies, the data analysis should be conducted by statisticians at an academic center, rather than only by statisticians employed by the company sponsoring the research. In 2006, a letter from the Society, on behalf of the Institutional Council, was sent to the JAMA Editor-in-Chief. ISPOR Letter to JAMA, JAMA Policy, and JAMA Response is at: http://www.ispor.org/workpaper/ispor_comments/index.asp

During 2004, the Council recommended that ISPOR develop a plan to assist health care decision-makers in developing an analytical framework to deal with “real world” data and information in health care decision-making and health care coverage and reimbursement decisions. Toward this goal, the ISPOR Using 'Real World' Data In Coverage and Reimbursement Decisions Task Force was formed. The report of the Task Force 'Real World' Data In Coverage and Reimbursement was published in Value in Health, Vol. 10, Issue 5 (Sept-October) 2007.

During 2003, the Council-initiated Value in Health Special Issue, “Moving Beyond the Drug Budget Silo Mentality in Europe” which was published as a supplement to Value in Health in Vol. 6 (July/August) 2003.

During 2002, the Council initiated 3 projects to address ISPOR student issues. The Council conducted an Intern Employer Survey; co-developed (with the ISPOR Student Council) the Intern Professional Recruitment Program (IPRAP) and developed a list of dissertation projects

During 2001, the Council initiated and funded a symposium within the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy’s Education Conference, October, 2001, titled: “Bridging The Gap: Utilizing Health Economics, Outcomes Research & Partnerships to Enhance Formulary Decision-Making.”

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