Welcome to the Student Chapter Resource Center! This page will be populated with helpful information and resources for Student Chapter Leaders. Supporting new Student Chapter Leaders, as they transition into their new roles, is very important to ISPOR, to the success of the Student Network, and its chapters. If at any time you have questions, please contact us and a member of the team will gladly assist you.

Chapter Leadership Resources:

Student Chapter Leader Handbook

Student Chapter Annual Report 2018 (Word Document)

Student Chapter Activity Grant Application - Activity Period: January - March 2020

            Open - October 1, 2019 | Close - November 1, 2019 | Notification: December 1, 2019

Student Network Newsletter Submission Form

Student Network Overview (PDF)

Student Chapter Leader Update Form

Student Network Committee Overviews

Student Network Committee Sign Up Form 2019-2020

Chapter Development, Member Engagement, and Promotional Resources:

Student Network Chapter Onboarding Guidelines - 1 Month After Chapter Formation

Student Network Chapter Onboarding Guidelines - 6 Month After Chapter Formation

Student Network Chapter Onboarding Guidelines -11 Months After Chapter Formation

Student Network Adopt-A-Chapter Program Overview

ISPOR Student Member Graduation Cord Request Form

Student Network Membership Campaign 2020 Flyer (Coming Soon)

Student Network Flyer - Top 10 Reasons to be a Student Member of ISPOR

ISPOR Student Flyer - Encourage Faculty and Student Collaboration Across Student Chapters

ISPOR Student Flyer - Improve Student and Faculty Communication

ISPOR Student Flyer - Recruiting Students From Other Disciplines

ISPOR Student Flyer - Ways to Identify Speakers

Student and Faculty Advisor Luncheon – Activities of ISPOR Ukraine Student Chapter: A Case Study

Student Network Leadership Meeting webinar archives are available here.

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