Get involved in ISPOR Science and Health Policy Initiatives Activities – May 2022

Published May 5, 2022

Get Involved in ISPOR Member Groups

ISPOR is offering a variety of ways for members to become more involved. See below to read about our current opportunities:

  • New ISPOR Special Task Force on Value-Based Healthcare

    ISPOR has initiated a new Special Task Force focusing on value-based healthcare (VBHC) implementation. The ISPOR Value-Based Healthcare Implementation Special Task Force will deliver guidance on good practices in VBHC implementation, as well as methodological guidance on how to effectively use existing health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) instruments to drive VBHC initiatives forward. Review Group members will have the opportunity to review the draft manuscript once completed. Please visit the Special Task Force’s webpage to view the co-chairs, leadership group, and more information.

  • New ISPOR Task Force on Structured Expert Elicitation for Healthcare Decision Making

    ISPOR’s newest Task Force on Structured Expert Elicitation for Healthcare Decision Making is currently accepting new review group members. To join the task force review group, please click here. The task force will provide an introduction to formal elicitation methods to support a range of healthcare decision making processes, across a range of settings. To view other ISPOR Task Forces and learn more, please visit ISPOR Good Practices Task Forces.

  • New ISPOR Journal Clubs

    Journal clubs are focused discussions on specific, published, scientific research papers. ISPOR member groups have conducted live journal clubs on topics related to: Health Equity Research; Health Preference Research; Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Open Source Models; and Precision Medicine and Advanced Therapies. To learn more and view a list of recorded journal clubs, please visit here.  

  • Special Interest Group Opportunities for Members

    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are open to all ISPOR members and are accepting of new ideas throughout the year. All SIGs will be recruiting for the “SIG Chair-Elect” and the “Member Engagement Chair” leadership positions. Please view a list of all Special Interest Groups here. If you are interested in serving as a Chair-Elect or Member Engagement Chair, please email a copy of your CV and brief statement (1-2 paragraphs) describing why you would be best fit for either of these positions to

  • ISPOR Women in HEOR Initiative

On Tuesday, May 17 at 4:30PM EDT during ISPOR 2022, the Women in HEOR will host a session titled "Strengthening Communication Practices." Attendees will learn how to strengthen their communication and presentation skills, their executive presence, and discover tips for daily communications success. The session's keynote speaker will be Sheila Cort, Senior Director & Coach and Head of Taft ClearPoint at Taft Communications and hosted by Julia F. Slejko, PhD co-lead of ISPOR’s Women in HEOR initiative. The session is open to all ISPOR 2022 registrants - both women and men - and will feature interaction and audience Q&A. A Women in HEOR "Meet the Speakers" reception will be held following the session in the exhibit hall at the ISPOR booth. ISPOR 2022 registrants are also invited to join Women in HEOR at a conference Dine Around. See more information on the ISPOR Women in HEOR webpage.

Recent ISPOR Reports and Virtual Workshop:


Report from the ISPOR Open Source Model Special Interest Group

The ISPOR Open Source Model Special Interest Group recently published a report titled, “Opportunities and Barriers to the Development and Use of Open Source Health Economic Models - A Survey: An ISPOR Special Interest Group Report,” in the April 2022 issue of Value in Health. To view the abstract and the report, please click here.

Report from the ISPOR Payer Summit 2021

  • Healthcare payers play a critical role globally in the allocation of healthcare resources and they are key stakeholders that regularly participate in ISPOR activities. ISPOR sponsored a Payer Summit in April 2021 which was designed to provide a forum to discuss performance-based managed entry agreements (MEAs) their benefits and challenges, and best practices in their development and implementation. A detailed summary titled “Benefits and Challenges of Performance-Based Managed Entry Agreements: Report From an ISPOR Payer Summit” can be found in the March/April 2022 issue of ISPOR Value & Outcomes Spotlight.

ISPOR Speaks - ISPOR Women in HEOR Initiative

On March 8, ISPOR celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 to support the advancement of women in the HEOR field. ISPOR's Women in HEOR initiative rests on the foundation that fostering diversity in HEOR will not just promote equity, but also spur innovation, enhance research, and improve healthcare decisions. Read about this and more in the recent issue of Value & Outcomes Spotlight. [CC1] 

ISPOR Responds to Recent US FDA Call for Comments on Real-World Evidence

The US Food and Drug Administration recently posted two draft guidance documents focusing on the use of Real-World Evidence in regulatory decision making and key considerations in using registry data that will be most helpful for sponsors, researchers, patients, and other stakeholders. ISPOR, with the help of members representing the Health Science Policy Council, Institutional Council, Real-World Evidence Steering Committee, and related Special Interest Groups (Real-World Evidence, Rare Disease, and Patient-Centered).

ISPOR Clinical Outcomes Assessment Virtual Workshop

The Clinical Outcomes Assessment Special Interest Group (SIG) presented a workshop titled: “Leveraging the Value of Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Data Beyond Labelling” on March 15. Speakers discussed the many uses of COA data gathered during patient-focused drug development such as 1) Benefit/risk evaluation; 2) Health technology assessment (HTA); 3) Access/policy decisions; and 4) Clinician/patient decision making. A full recording of the workshop here. To participate in future webinars, join the COA SIG here. 

HEOR Resources

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Central

ISPOR’s Health Technology Assessment Central provides a comprehensive repository of resources and tools to support HTA and informed healthcare decisions and offers information on HTA-related news pertaining to Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, & North America. It is freely available to all! Take a look here.

HEOR Resource Update: New Website for Assessing the Evidence

Assessing the Evidence for Healthcare Decision Makers assists healthcare decision makers in reviewing the evidence of research studies used in health technology assessments and/or drug formulary decisions studies to determine if they are relevant to the setting/decision in question and credible. Check out ISPOR’s new microsite that features interactive questionnaires for four study types: 1) Prospective observational studies; 2) Retrospective observational database studies; 3) Modeling studies; and 4) Network meta-analysis/indirect treatment comparison studies.

ISPOR 2022 Forums: Presentations provided by ISPOR Member Groups – These sessions will be live, in-person only.


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