Finn Borlum Kristensen

Professor Finn Børlum Kristensen, MD, PhD
Former EUnetHTA Executive Committee Chairman and EUnetHTA Secretariat Director; Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

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Several years ago, ISPOR convened an ad hoc advisory body of health care decision makers to provide strategies to ISPOR on bridging the gap between outcomes research and health care decisions (Health Care Strategy Council). Key issues identified by this advisory body were education/training, health policy/market force, methods/standards, information availability/access/sharing/applicability, and credibility/integrity/bias. ISPOR has implemented many educational programs and addresses methods/standards and credibility/integrity/bias through its Good Practices for Outcomes Research. However information availability/applicability/access/sharing were issues which could best be addressed by professionals who use outcomes research information to develop evidence to inform health care decision makers. Since health technology assessment informs many health care decision makers - regulatory agencies, health care payers, clinicians, hospitals, clinics, health authorities, and patient groups, the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Roundtables in Europe and North America and networks in Latin America and Asia were formed.


The mission of the ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Council is to:

  • Provide a ‘network’ for regional ISPOR HTA Roundtables to share issues and recommendations
  • Act as an advisory group to the ISPOR Board of Directors and ISPOR Committees, Task Forces, and Special Interest Groups.
  • Provide guidance in the translation and use of outcomes studies as useful information in the health technology assessment and health care decision-making processes.
  • Address issues and concerns of decision makers globally.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of initiatives related to use of outcomes research information by health care decision makers.
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