Challenges of Health Technology Assessment in Pluralistic Healthcare Systems

Published Aug 2022


Drummond MF, Augustovski F, Bhattacharyya D, et al. Challenges of health technology assessment in pluralistic healthcare systems: an ISPOR Council Report. Value Health. 2022;25(8):1257–1267.


Health technology assessment (HTA) has been growing in use over the past 40 years, especially in its impact on decisions regarding the reimbursement, adoption, and use of new drugs, devices, and procedures. In countries or jurisdictions with “pluralistic” healthcare systems, there are multiple payers or sectors, each of which could potentially benefit from HTA. Nevertheless, a single HTA, conducted centrally, may not meet the needs of these different actors, who may have different budgets, current standards of care, populations to serve, or decision-making processes.

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