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Personalized Medicine and Role of Health Economics and Outcomes Research: Applications, Emerging Trends, and Future Research

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Abstracts for all podium and poster research presentations given at the ISPOR 2018 will be published in the Value in Health ((Volume 21, Suppl 1). This issue of Value in Health will be available to ISPOR members and ISPOR 2018 registrants online at: www.ispor.org/valueinhealth_index.asp in June 2018.



Selection of and Evidentiary Considerations for Wearable Devices and Their Measurements for Use in Regulatory Decision Making: Recommendations from the ePRO Consortium
Bill Byrom, Chris Watson, Helen Doll, Stephen Joel Coons, Sonya Eremenco, Rachel Ballinger, Marie Mc Carthy, Mabel Crescioni, Paul O’Donohoe and Cindy Howry on behalf of the ePRO Consortium

Core Items for a Standardized Resource Use Measure: Expert Delphi Consensus Survey
Joanna C. Thorn, Sara T. Brookes, Colin Ridyard, Ruth Riley, Dyfrig A. Hughes, Sarah Wordsworth, Sian M. Noble, Gail Thornton, William Hollingworth


Agreement Among the Productivity Components of Eight Presenteeism Tests in a Sample of Healthcare Workers
Angus H. Thompson, Arianna Waye




A Modelling Study of the Cost-Effectiveness of a Risk-Stratified Surveillance Program for Melanoma in the United Kingdom
Edward C.F. Wilson, Juliet A. Usher-Smith, Jon Emery, Pippa G. Corrie, Fiona M. Walter

Expert Elicitation of Multinomial Probabilities for Decision Analytic Modelling: An Application to Rates of Disease Progression in Undiagnosed and Untreated Melanoma
Edward C.F. Wilson, Juliet A. Usher-Smith, Jon Emery, Pippa G. Corrie, Fiona M. Walter

A Transparent and Consistent Approach to Assess US Outpatient Drug Costs for Use in Cost-Effectiveness Analyses
Joseph Levy, Marjorie Rosenberg, David Vanness

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Navigation Program for Colorectal Cancer Screening to Reduce Social Health Inequalities: A French Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
Rémy De Mil, Elodie Guillaume, Lydia Guittet, Olivier Dejardin, Véronique Bouvier, Carole Pornet, Véronique Christophe, Annick Notari, Hélène Delattre Massy, Chantal De Seze, Jérôme Peng, Guy Launoy, Célia Berchi



State Medicaid Reimbursement for Chronic Hepatitis C Medications From 2012 Through 2015
Christine Y. Lu, Fang Zhang, Nicole Golonski, Caitlin Lupton, Paul Jeffrey, Anita K. Wagner

Effect of Crossover in Oncology Clinical Trials on Evidence Levels in Early Benefit Assessment in Germany
Georg Isbary, Thomas R. Staab, Volker E. Amelung, Charalabos-Markos Dintsios, Christof Iking-Konert, Sonja Mariotti Nesurini, Miriam Walter, Jörg Ruof


Building Synergy Between Regulatory and Health Technology Assessment Agencies Beyond Process and Procedures: Can We Effectively Align the Evidentiary Requirements? A Survey of Stakeholder Perceptions
Ting Wang, Neil McAuslane, Lawrence Liberti, Hubert Leufkens, Anke Hövels



Experiences of Structured Elicitation for Model-Based Cost-Effectiveness Analyses
Marta o. Soares, Linda Sharples, Alec Morton, Karl Claxton, Laura Bojke


Computer Modelling of Diabetes and Its Transparency: A Report on the Eighth Mount Hood Challenge
Andrew J. Palmer, Lei Si, Michelle Tew, Xinyang Hua, Michael S. Willis, Christian Asseburg, Phil McEwan, José Leal, Alastair Gray, Volker Foos, Mark Lamotte, Talitha Feenstra, Patrick J. O'Connor, Michael Brandle, Harry J. Smolen, James C. Gahn, William J. Valentine, Richard F. Pollock, Penny Breeze, Alan Brennan, Daniel Pollard, Wen Ye, William H. Herman, Deanna J. Isaman, Shihchen Kuo, Neda Laiteerapong, An Tran-Duy, Philip M. Clarke



Evaluation of Split Version and Feedback Module on the Improvement of Time Trade-Off Data
Eliza L.Y. Wong, Koonal Shah, Annie W.L. Cheung, Amy Y.K. Wong, Martijn Visser, Elly Stolk




Informing the Tolerability of Cancer Treatments Using Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: Summary of an FDA and Critical Path Institute Workshop
Paul G. Kluetz, Bindu Kanapuru, Steven Lemery, Laura Lee Johnson, Mallorie H. Fiero, Karen Arscott, Yolanda Barbachano, Ethan Basch, Michelle Campbell, Joseph C. Cappelleri, David Cella, Charles Cleeland, Corneel Coens, Selena Daniels, Crystal S. Denlinger, Dianne L. Fairclough, James R. Hillard, Lori Minasian, Sandra A. Mitchell, Daniel O’Connor, Sheetal Patel, Eric H. Rubin, Anna Ryden, Katherine Soltys, Rajeshwari Sridhara, Gita Thanarajasingam, Galina Velikova, Stephen Joel Coons




Development of Methods for the Mapping of Utilities Using Mixture Models: Mapping the AQLQ-S to EQ-5D-5L and HUI3 in Patients with Asthma
Laura A. Gray, Mónica Hernández, Allan J. Wailoo


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