Professor Jing Wu on "2024 Health Policy of the Two Sessions" of the People's Daily Health

Published Mar 13, 2024

On March 10, 2024, Professor Jing Wu, Associate Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Tianjin University and Chairman of the Pharmacoeconomics Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, was invited to a live interview on the "Health Policy of the Two Sessions in 2024" hosted by the People's Daily Health. She provided viewers with an in-depth discussion of a hot topic “New Trends in Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer”, togethering with Professor Zefei Jiang, Vice President and Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology.

Professor Jing Wu commented that breast cancer has brought a heavy burden to patients, their families, and society. To reduce the burden of this disease, the National Health Insurance Administration has included 18 innovative drugs for breast cancer into the National Reimbursement Drug List since launching special negotiations on anti-cancer drugs in 2018, which brings breast cancer patients more new choices to meet their treatment needs.  

In response to the question of how to evaluate the value of innovative drugs scientifically and reasonably, Professor Jing Wu pointed out that we need to measure the value of a drug from multiple dimensions, such as effectiveness, safety, innovation, fairness, and economy. Among them, from the perspective of pharmacoeconomic evaluation, our goal is to enable medical insurance and patients to spend the least amount of money to obtain the maximum health output. Therefore, we need to first measure whether this innovative drug can really bring additional health benefits to patients, and then see how much additional medical expenses need to be spent to obtain these additional health benefits, and further compare it with the national purchasing power threshold indicators to make a judgment on whether it is economical. In our future work, more dimensions of value being taken into consideration and value measurement being more accurate will give innovative drugs an embodiment of value in a more scientific and reasonable way.

Finally, Professor Jing Wu expressed her expectation for the research and development of innovative drugs, and looked forward to seeing more and more innovative drugs to fulfill an unmet medical need and make up for the shortcomings of the national reimbursement drug list so as to further benefit the China citizens  and help realize "Healthy China 2030". To view more details

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