The Ninth Southern China Annual Congress on Pharmacoeconomics and The Fifth Huangshan Annual Congress on Pharmacoeconomics

Published Feb 21, 2022

The Ninth Southern China Annual Congress on Pharmacoeconomics and The Fifth Huangshan Annual Congress on Pharmacoeconomics was held with great success on 10-12 December 2021 in Hefei, China, hosted by Jinan University, Pharmaceutical Society in Guangdong, Research Institute of Jinan University of Dongguan. The theme of this forum was "New Opportunities and challenges of pharmacoeconomics in the new development stage". The congressed featured several domestic and experts who are academically outstanding in this field. Scholars and experts analyzed and interpreted the technical application and launched a special report on the application of new technologies and methods of pharmacoeconomics, the application of pharmacoeconomics in the reform of the medical and health system, the hot issues of clinical pharmacoeconomics research and application cases. There were eight thematic areas in this forum, they were the frontier of Pharmacoeconomics, the hot policy discussion of Health Insurance Reform, the theory and practice of drug clinical comprehensive evaluation, the application of pharmacoeconomics and hospital clinical rational drug use, the application of real world data in Pharmacoeconomic evaluation, the measurement and application of health-related quality of life, the Policy Research of Youth Forum, the new technology and new method of Youth Forum.

This conference attracted a number of experts, including Professor Jianwei Xuan, Sun Yat-sen University; Professor Lan Yao, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Professor Lihua Sun, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University; Professor Guoen Liu, Peking University; Professor Jing Wu, Tianjin University; Kun Zhao, Director of National Health Commission (NHS); Professor Li Yang, Peking University; Professor Ming Hu, Sichuan University. Feng Wang, vice-chairman and secretary-general of Pharmaceutical Society in Anhui and Professor Jie Jiang, Jinan University, delivered video welcome speeches. The Congress welcomed more than 200 enthusiastic attendees from governmental authorities, health care organizations, academic institutions, and scientific departments of manufacturers. More than 100,000 people watched the opening ceremony and plenary sessions by live broadcast.

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