Value & Outcomes Spotlight accepts articles on international or country-specific health care guidelines, methodological and health policies, and reviews related to pharmacoeconomics/health economics and outcomes research. These include economic, clinical study, or health-related quality-of-life study issues. Authors should submit articles via the submission form below.

Article Specifications:

  • Value & Outcomes Spotlight is not a peer-reviewed scientific journal; hence, all submissions should be structured in a format and written in language that enhances the reader’s ability to grasp the main points and insights. Authors are encouraged to consider novel, nonscientific article formats to maximize the readability and interest level of their submissions.
  • All submissions that appear to have been prepared for a peer-reviewed journal will be returned for revision; this includes articles structured in the Abstract-Intro-Methods-Results-Discussion format typical of such journals and/or articles that, in the opinion of the Editors-in-Chief, contain material of such a high level of technical detail or methodologic rigor that peer review would be required.
  • Articles should not exceed 1500 words in length (should your word count exceed this amount, you will be notified by ISPOR if a revised article is needed).
  • Articles must be written in English (preferably American English), typed in Microsoft Word.
  • By-line: All article by-lines should include author(s), degree(s), affiliations(s), city, state, and country.
  • Tables, Figures and Photos: Tables, figures, photos, and other graphics are not mandatory but can be included for highlighting of non-quantitative ideas and concepts. They should be clearly labeled and easy to understand without reference to the text. Figures should be created using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to be directly reproducible for publication. All tables and figures should be referred to in the text of the word document at the point in which the reader should view them.
  • Key Points: A maximum of three brief key points of the article are required.
  • Lead Sentence: A lead sentence is required (for promotional purposes). This should be the main highlight of what the article is about. (Ex.: In this article, Smith et al. examine . . .)
  • Call-out Text: All articles should indicate 1-2 key EXISTING sentences of the article as call-out text (NOTE: call-out text may or may not be used pending necessity and layout in issue the article will appear).
  • References: References, if any, should be listed and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals in the order in which they are cited in the text. References should appear as superscript in the text, minimal, and should follow that of Index Medicus.
  • Articles submitted MUST NOT contain any advertising, publicity, or promotion of any product or service provided by the author’s company. Press releases are NOT considered.
  • View a sample of a correctly submitted article

Submission Instructions:

  1. Enter your names, email address, article title and type, author information
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    • Click "Browse" and browse to the article.
    • Double click the article or select it and click "Open".
    • The path to the article will appear in the box next to the browse button.
    • Maximum file size allowed is 8 MB.
  3. Enter lead author name
  4. Enter lead sentence and call-out text.
  5. Download Statement of Affirmation and Consent pdf file, fill it out and save to your desktop.
  6. Upload Statement of Affirmation and Consent pdf file.
  7. Add comments as needed.
  8. Click "Submit".

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