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Value & Outcomes Spotlight Editor-in-Chief

Value & Outcomes Spotlight is a bimonthly magazine for the global health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) community. Its mission is to foster dialogue within the global HEOR community by reviewing the impact of HEOR methodologies on health policy and healthcare delivery to ultimately improve decision making for health globally. Each issue presents a mix of content that promotes the value and application of health economics and outcomes research in a way that is informative to experts and accessible to non-expert readers around the world. For more information about the publication, click here.

ISPOR is currently seeking a new Editor-in-Chief to oversee the strategic direction of the publication, working collaboratively with the members Editorial Board and the ISPOR Editorial Office. Interested parties can submit their application and supporting documents via the link below. Application materials include:

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Interest
  • Curriculum vitae
  • List of published papers
  • Completed responses to questionnaire

Please direct any questions to Lyn Beamesderfer, Director of Publications.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2020.

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Roles & Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief

This Editor-in-Chief oversees the editorial direction for Value & Outcomes Spotlight and works collaboratively with the Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board, and the ISPOR Editorial Office to perform the responsibilities outlined below.

The Editor-in-Chief of Value & Outcomes Spotlight has an overall responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of the editorial content, with a key focus on translating the value of health economics and outcomes research and communicating the impact of ISPOR to its readers. The Editor-in-Chief also establishes the editorial policies and procedures for the publication and presents an annual report to the Board of Directors. In addition to being responsible for the content of the magazine, the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for implementing and developing, with input from others, the strategic direction of the publication.

The position of Editor-in-Chief includes the following editorial roles and responsibilities. The estimated time commitment for this role is ~4-8 hours per week.

  • Coordinate and direct editorial activities of Value & Outcomes Spotlight to ensure consistency with the overall mission and goals of the Society
  • Identify topics, authors, interview candidates, and reviewers for the publication
  • Solicit contributions from global leaders, speakers, and prominent HEOR experts
  • Work with the Editorial Office to develop and implement annual editorial calendar for the magazine
  • Work with freelance writers and editorial team to develop outlines for feature articles and provocative questions for interviews with leaders and experts in the healthcare industry
  • Review content for scope and scientific merit; provide constructive feedback to authors, section editors, and other contributors as appropriate
  • Write context-setting introduction (ie, Letter From the Editor) for each issue
  • Collaborate with the Editorial Office to plan, develop, and review the content for each issue
  • Recruit editorial board members, section editors, and regular contributors to manage columns in the magazine
  • Manage a team of Associate Editors and Editorial Advisory Board members; regularly monitor their performance to ensure the quality and timeliness of their contributions to the publication
  • Coordinate editorial review of submitted articles with the Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board, and Editorial Office and communicate feedback to authors.
  • Hold regular conference calls with Associate Editors and Editorial Advisory Board members to keep the editors active and engaged
  • Maintain collegial and constructive interactions with the Associate Editors, Editorial Advisory Board, Publications Management Advisory Board, Board of Directors, and members and employees of ISPOR
  • The Editor-in-Chief will present to the Publications Management Advisory Board twice each year (typically in conjunction with an ISPOR conference) a report on the publication’s performance and progress.
  • The Editor-in-Chief will report once a year to Board of Directors (typically at the ISPOR European conference).
  • The activities of the Editor-in-Chief are monitored by the Editorial Office and the ISPOR Management Advisory Board.

The appointment to this position of Editor-in-Chief is subject to approval by the Board of Directors. The contract includes the roles and responsibilities as outlined above, an honorarium of $15,000 annually, and reimbursement of expenses to attend the two annual ISPOR conferences. The Editor-in-Chief appointment is a 4-year appointment (renewable once).

Required Qualifications

  • MD or PhD degree required, preferably in health economics or related field
  • Minimum 3 years of publication experience required, preferably as a journal editor or managing editor
  • Possess demonstrated experience and an established reputation of knowledge of global HEOR methods, policies, and practices
  • Effective team leader; able to recruit volunteers and meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and managerial skills, including strong command of the English language in both verbal and written communications
  • Must be an ISPOR member
  • Cannot simultaneously serve as a member of the ISPOR Board of Directors

The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the ISPOR Board of Directors on the recommendation of the ISPOR Publications Management Advisory Board.

Application Materials

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Interest, including qualifications and previous history with ISPOR, should include a description of how the applicant will accommodate the time demands of serving as Editor-in-Chief for the publication (such as the availability of institutional support).
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • List of published papers.
  • Completed responses to questionnaire.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2020. To apply, click here.

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