Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Inguinal Hernia Repair With Mesh Performed by Surgeons and Medical Doctors in Ghana



Task-sharing is the pragmatic sharing of tasks between providers with different levels of training. To our knowledge, no study has examined the cost-effectiveness of surgical task-sharing of hernia repair in a low-resource setting. This study has aimed to evaluate and compare the cost-effectiveness of mesh repair performed by Ghanaian surgeons and medical doctors (MDs) following a standardized training program.


This cost-effectiveness analysis included data for 223 operations on adult men with primary reducible inguinal hernia. Cost per surgery was calculated from the healthcare system perspective. Disability weights were calculated using pre- and postoperative pain scores and benchmarks from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.


The mean cost/disability-adjusted life-year (DALY) averted in the surgeon group was 444.9 United States dollars (USD) (95% confidence interval [CI] 221.2-668.5) and 278.9 USD (95% CI 199.3-358.5) in the MD group (P = .168), indicating that the operation is very cost-effective when performed by both providers. The incremental cost/DALY averted showed that task-sharing with MDs is also very cost-effective (95% bootstrap CI −436.7 to 454.9). The analysis found that increasing provider salaries is cost-effective if productivity remains high. When only symptomatic cases were analyzed, the mean cost/DALY averted reduced to 232.0 USD (95% CI 17.1-446.8) for the surgeon group and 129.7 USD (95% CI 79.6-179.8) for the MD group (P = .348), and the incremental cost/DALY averted increased by 45% but remained robust.


Elective inguinal hernia repair with mesh performed by Ghanaian surgeons and MDs is a low-cost procedure and very cost-effective in the context of the study. To maximize cost-effectiveness, symptomatic patients should be prioritized over asymptomatic patients and a high level of productivity should be maintained.


Jessica H. Beard Zin Min Thet Lwin Shilpa Agarwal Michael Ohene-Yeboah Stephen Tabiri Joachim K.A. Amoako Zoë Maher Carrie A. Sims Hobart W. Harris Jenny Löfgren

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