Optimal Allocation of Chemotherapy Schemes for Metastatic Colon Cancer in Colombia



This study aims to determine the optimal proportion for different chemotherapy schemes in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who have undergone surgical resection in Colombia.


A linear programming model was used to quantify the optimal proportion of the chemotherapy schemes that maximize quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs). The model was evaluated in 6 different scenarios using parametric and dynamic optimization with different budget restriction constraints. The results were compared to the current mixture of schemes used in our country.


The results show that 63%, 37%, and 0.8% of the population should receive the FOLFOXIRI scheme (fluorouracil + leucovorin + oxaliplatin + irinotecan), FOLFIRI (irinotecan + leucovorin + fluorouracil), and FOLFIRI plus cetuximab, respectively. With these proportions, 8734 QALYs and universal coverage of the population are obtained. In an optimistic scenario (high QALYs, low costs, and budget of $40 million), the entire population should receive the FOLFIRI scheme. A pessimistic scenario (low QALYs, high costs, and budget of $15 million) would benefit only 46% of the population with the fluorouracil plus leucovorin scheme. In the other 3 scenarios with higher budget constraints, 52%, 69%, and 86% of the population should receive FOLFIRI, respectively. Dynamic optimization revealed that FOLFIRI and FOLFOX (oxaliplatin + leucovorin + fluorouracil) schemes are more likely to generate higher QALYs with lower costs and a limited budget.


The current use of chemotherapy schemes is not optimal. An increasing proportion of FOLFIRI, FOLFOX, and FOLFOXIRI should be used more often as schemes to treat metastatic colorectal cancer in Colombia.


César Augusto Guevara-Cuellar Victoria Eugenia Soto-Rojas Maria Isabel Echeverry-Molina Michael Gómez Paola Martínez

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