Implementation Road Map of Health Technology Assessment in Middle-Income Countries: The Case of Jordan [Editor's Choice]



Health technology assessment (HTA) can increase the appropriateness and transparency of pricing and reimbursement decisions. Jordan is still in the early phase of its HTA implementation, although the country has very limited public resources for the coverage of healthcare technologies. The study objective was to explore and validate priorities in the HTA road map for Jordan and propose to facilitate the preferred HTA status.


Health policy experts from the public and private sectors were asked to participate in a survey to explore the current and future status of HTA implementation in Jordan. Semistructured interviews with senior policy makers supported by literature review were conducted to validate survey results and make recommendations for specific actions.


Survey and interview results indicated a need for increased HTA training, including both short courses and academic programs and gradually increasing public funding for technology assessment and appraisal. Multiple HTA bodies with central coordination can be the most feasible format of HTA institutionalization. The weight of cost-effectiveness criterion based on local data with published reports and explicit decision thresholds should be increased in policy decisions of pharmaceutical and nonpharmaceutical technologies.


Currently, HTA has limited impact on health policy decisions in Jordan, and when it is used to support pharmaceutical reimbursement decisions, it is mainly based on results from other countries without considering transferability of international evidence. Policy makers should facilitate HTA institutionalization and use in policy decisions by increasing the weight of local evidence in HTA recommendations.


Emad Almomani Ibrahim Alabbadi Ahmad Fasseeh Raeda Al-Qutob Emad Al-Sharu Noha Hayek Mohammed.R. Tarawneh Zoltán Kaló

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