Patient Journey and Disease-Related Burden in Japanese Patients With Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension: A Mixed Methods Study [Editor's Choice]



Understanding patient journey and burden of disease in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) helps improve diagnostic and treatment processes.


This study aimed to explore patient journey from time of disease onset to a definitive diagnosis and disease burden in Japanese patients with CTEPH.


A mixed-methods study exploring patient journey and disease burden of 33 Japanese patients with a definitive diagnosis of CTEPH. The patients from 2 university hospitals underwent semistructured interviews. Data were transcribed into verbatim records, and 2 independent researchers conducted thematic analyses. Data concerning patient journey were also analyzed quantitatively with supplementary use of medical records.


Median times from initial onset of symptoms to a confirmed diagnosis and first visitation to a medical institution to a definitive diagnosis of CTEPH were 32 and 20 months, respectively. Thematic analyses found that, for patients, reasons for delay in seeking initial consultations included misattribution of symptoms to aging or lack of physical strength. For healthcare providers, reasons for delays in diagnosis included poor recognition of CTEPH and difficulty in recalling the disease as a differential diagnosis. Burdens of CTEPH were caused by physical symptoms, and mental and social issues, including restriction of daily activities owing to oxygen therapy, disappointment with the intractable nature of the disease, poor understanding of the disease by other people, and lack of social networks.


This study highlighted physical, mental, and social burdens in patients with CTEPH and possible missed opportunities in making the diagnosis of CTEPH during the patient journey. Increasing disease awareness in healthcare providers and networking among patients may contribute to better patient care.


Hideyuki Kinoshita Takuya Aoki Hirohiko Motoki Takafumi Wakita Yoshihiro Onishi Emi Watanabe-Fujinuma Koichiro Kuwahara

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