Cost of Healthcare Associated With Deep Vein Thrombosis in Patients Treated With Warfarin in Turkey: 2010-2013 Database Analysis of a Tertiary Care Center



To evaluate the cost of healthcare with respect to the quality of anticoagulation in patients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) treated with warfarin in daily practice via the database analysis of a tertiary care center in the period 2010 to 2013.


Of 258 307 records in total, 42 582 unique patients with DVT and 32 012 patients with international normalized ratio (INR) measurements were included. Overall, 6720 unique patients with DVT diagnosis and one or more INR measurements were identified, and the records of 4377 out of 6720 unique patients were validated and included in the analysis data set. The cost analysis was based on direct medical costs from the payer’s perspective. Cost items were related to healthcare resource utilization (inpatient and outpatient services) during the study period, which provided a basis for calculation of per-patient, outpatient, inpatient, and total direct medical costs.


Mean outpatient, inpatient, and total hospital admission costs were $578, $2195, and $2785, respectively, for patients with time in the therapeutic range of 70% or more, whereas the same costs were $571, $2163, and $3192, respectively, for patients with time in the therapeutic range of less than 70%.


Our findings for a retrospective cohort of patients with DVT undergoing warfarin therapy reveal that patients spent 70% or more, as opposed to less than 70%, of follow-up time within the therapeutic INR range and that outpatient care, as opposed to inpatient care, was associated with lower healthcare costs. Given the significant contribution that hospital stay makes to the cost burden of DVT, our findings also highlight the association between poor warfarin anticoagulant control and increased hospitalization costs.


Murat Sargin Sevinc Bayer Erdogan Murat Bastopcu Gokhan Arslanhan Muge Mete Tasdemir Gokcen Orhan

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