Resource Use and Cost of Treating Human Papillomavirus–Related Lesions in Japanese Women



Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is established as a necessary causal factor in several pathologies including cervical cancer (CC), which recorded over 11,000 new cases in 2011 in Japan. Nevertheless, cost burden data of human papillomavirus–related diseases in Japan are lacking.


To evaluate resource use and costs in women with HPV-related lesions.


A retrospective study using insurance claims databases was performed to assess the annual medical cost for suspected cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia (CIN)/CC, genital warts (GWs), CIN (all grades), and CC. Information on the treatment of GWs was obtained from the Claims Database developed by Japan Medical Data Center Co., Ltd. Information on CIN and CC was obtained from the Evidence-Based Medicine provider database developed by Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. Databases cover about 1% of the Japanese population. Total annual cost in Japanese yen (¥) per patient in 2011 was calculated on the basis of resource used and unit costs from Japan medical insurance tariffs.


Average annual costs were as follows: GWs, ¥34,424; suspected CIN/CC, ¥6,240; CIN 1, ¥17,484; CIN 2, ¥46,583; CIN 3, ¥166,227; and CC, ¥474,756.


To our knowledge, this is the first observational study to estimate the annual medical costs of HPV-related diseases in Japan using real-world data collected in routine clinical practice. It could provide help in estimating the economic burden of HPV-related lesions in Japanese women.


Akiko Mizukami Toshihiko Kaise Georges Van Kriekinge

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