Cost Evaluation of Inhaler Therapies Used in Respiratory Diseases- 1998--2015 Period in Turkey



With the rise in life expectancy, the burden of chronic diseases, including obstructive pulmonary diseases, has increased throughout the world.


To evaluate the sales trends of inhaler pharmaceuticals.


The changes in box sales and sales amounts (in Turkish lira) of inhaler pharmaceuticals during the period 1998 to 2015 were examined and sales were projected for the next 3 years. Pharmaceuticals were classified according to form and pharmacological groups.


The sales of inhaler pharmaceuticals have increased rapidly since 2008. The fastest increase in consumption has occurred in short-acting β2 agonist preparations and nebulizer pharmaceuticals. Inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting β2 agonist combination sales have been the highest since 2002, when these products entered the Turkish market.


The inhaler pharmaceutical market has grown over the years, and this growth will continue in the future. The increased use of short-acting preparations, which should be used as symptom relievers, indicates that treatment management continues to be inadequate.


Banu Bayar Nurcan Uman Kutkan Esra Şafak Yılmaz Çiğdem Tolun Engin Doğan Enver Kağan Atikeler Elif Hilal Vural Salih Babacan Nurgül Karabekmez Aslıhan Beyan İsmail Mert Vural İpek Kıvılcım Oğuzülgen Güven Bektemür Simten Malhan Rabia Kahveci Sedat Altın Ali Alkan Hakan Eroğlu Hakkı Gürsöz

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