Induction of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Antihypertensive Therapy- Is There Any Role of Alpha Adducin, ACE, and IRS-1 Gene?


Hypertension and diabetes are related disorders that share common pathophysiological pathways and occur together. Although hypertension itself is a risk factor for developing diabetes, prolonged use of first-line antihypertensive therapy has also been reported to induce diabetes. Genetic polymorphism of genes affecting salt sensitivity and insulin resistance can have a role in antihypertensive therapy–induced diabetes. Polymorphism of the alpha adducin gene, angiotensin-converting enzyme gene, and insulin receptor substrate 1 gene has been found to be associated with new incident diabetes in hypertensive patients via salt sensitivity and insulin resistance. Many studies have, however, revealed a negative correlation with this hypothesis and have shown no role of antihypertensive therapy in diabetes induction. Therefore, more detailed experimental studies are needed to reach a final conclusion.


Sumeet Gupta Vikas Jhawat

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