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Health System and COVID-19 - ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Perspectives

In a response to the COVID-19 outbreak based on WHO recommendations and experience of other countries with a high incidence of disease, the Ukrainian government took decisive and preventive measures.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MoH) introduced a national quarantine regime. Promptly on February 25, 2020 the MoH of Ukraine issued for the first time Order for the standard of care for the treatment of COVID-19, while the first case was reported in the country on March 3, 2020 . On March 28, 2020 the MOH approved an updated version of the standard of care for COVID-19 (Order of MoH №722) .

However, on March 28, 2020, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Ukraine reached 311 . The fight against COVID-19 united and mobilized all sectors of the Ukrainian health system to prevent the virus spread. 

The Parliament Committee for health of the nation, healthcare and medical insurance recommended to approve legal amendments that ensure treatment of the COVID-2019, allowing doctors to apply international treatment practices. While a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 and medicines are not available in order to respond to the first wave of the current pandemic, in particular, off label medicines that have proven use in other countries based on real evidence will be used. In addition, the registration of medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 and the procedure for initiating clinical trials of such drugs, being valid for three months , will be accelerated. 


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Presented a Joint Forum with ISPOR Poland Chapter at ISPOR 2019

Multi-Stakeholders National Conference on: “Safety and Legal Support of Medicinal Products: from Development to Medical Use” 22-23 October, 2019, Kiev, Ukraine

The 5th Scientific and Practical Conference titled "Safety and Legal Support of Medicinal   Products: from Development to Medical Use" was held in Kyiv on October 22-23, 2019 and was dedicated to the memory of professor Oleksii Viktorov. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the State Expert Center (SEC) from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (SEC of MoH). The program included 1 plenary session, 16 sections and 2 round tables.

HTA Department from the SEC from the MoH organized a session devoted to “HTA - a new tool in the decision-making process for pharmaceutical providing in Ukraine.” The speakers included Oresta Pinyazhko, PhD, Director of HTA Department; Marcus Guardian, Chief Operating Officer at EUnetHTA (Netherlands); Professor Olha Zaliska, PhD, DSci Head of Department of Мanagement and Economy of Pharmacy, Drug Technology and Pharmaeconomics, Postgraduate Faculty, Founder and Past President of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter; Rabia Kahveci, Senior Technical Advisor on Pharmaceutical Policies and Governance, SAFEMed; Iryna Romanenko, Head of the division of economic assessment of medicines of the HTA Department. The session highlighted the important role of HTA in decision-making in the Ukraine healthcare system based on the highest value for patients, demonstrated roadmap, plans and strategies of the HTA Department, cooperation with EUnetHTA and perspectives for Ukraine, capacity building for HEOR and HTA in Ukraine. The conference was attended by more than 450 participants.

“New Value and Coverage Frameworks for Innovative Medicines in Central and Eastern Europe” -
The presentations discussed new trends and how to optimize access and value of innovative medicines in Central and Eastern Europe. Speakers shared their experience how multicriteria decision analysis is conducted in their countries.

A report by the Chapter about the Forum can be accessed here.

Learn more about ISPOR 2019 in New Orleans, LA, May 18-22, here.


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Meeting at ISPOR Warsaw 2019, 27 March, Warsaw, Poland

Meeting Minutes


"New Opportunities and Future Directions" - First National HTA Forum in Ukraine, February 28, 2019

The event focused on health technology assessment (HTA) implementation in Ukraine and was organized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the support of USAID. Nearly 130 representatives of state authorities, scientific and educational institutions, patient organizations, and industry participated in a discussion on forming the HTA roadmap in Ukraine. Oresta Piniazhko, president of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter participated in the forum with Prof Roman Ilyk, the Deputy Minister and members of the chapter board.

Report by the Chapter 


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter took an active part in the ISPOR Europe 2018, that was held in Barcelona, Spain on November 10-14, 2018.

The delegation from Ukraine included multidisciplinary team of stakeholders from academia, health technology assessment (HTA), and industry. Among the attendees were scientists from Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University and National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv, representatives from Expert Committee of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Oresta Piniazhko, PhD, President of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter (Lviv) and Professor Olha Zaliska, PhD, DSci, the chapter founder and past president together with colleagues from the ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Consortium - Joanna Lis, PhD (Poland); Vladimir Zah, PhD (Serbia); Bertalan Nemeth (Hungary) gave their presentations in the Forum titled: “Market Access in Central and Eastern Europe: What are the drivers and challenges?” that was held on November 12, 2018. Participants of this forum focused on the current approaches to the optimization of pharmaceutical supply and reforming of HTA systems in their countries, as well as the issues and challenges in the market access in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Representatives from ISPOR Ukraine Regional Chapter participated in the strategic meeting of the ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Consortium dedicated to the plans of scientific and education collaboration of the European countries for further implementation of HTA and education programs.

The Ukrainian participants represented more than 10 posters about the results of pharmacoeconomic studies, implementation of HTA and multiple criteria decision analysis, medical standardization and analysis of drug utilization in Ukraine.



ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore, MD


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Held an Official Meeting with National Stakeholders and International Partners, May 22, 2018

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter has systematically organized meetings during the ISPOR conferences in USA (Philadelphia, 2015; Washington, 2016; Boston, 2017). The ISPOR 2018 conference provided a great opportunity for the chapter meeting titled, “National Pharmaceutical Policy in Ukraine: Key Challenges and Opportunities.” There were 11 attendees from Ukraine, including representatives of the Ministry of Health, Expert Committee on selection and use of essential medicines, State Expert Centre, 4 national medical (pharmaceutical) universities, Clinical Trial Center, USAID/SAFEMed, consulting company. The speakers were Oresta Piniazhko, PhD, President of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter (Lviv); Prof Olha Zaliska, PhD, DSci, Founder and Past President, Head of Department (Lviv); Prof Roman Ilyk, PhD, DSci, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (Kyiv); Prof. Oleksandra Oleshchuk, PhD, DSci, Head of Department (Ternopil); Prof Viktoria Dobrova, PhD, DSci (Kharkiv), Oleksandr Topachevskyi, managing director Digital Health Outcomes, (Kyiv). 

In attendance were participants from USA, France, as well as chapter members from Poland and Hungary. Julia Chamova, Director of ISPOR Europe, Middle East, and Africa Global Networks warmly welcomed the participants and encouraged them to get engaged in many interesting discussions. The elaborated presentations showed recent achievements in the national pharmaceutical policy, health economics and outcomes research, health technology assessment, and education in Ukraine, all due to the reforms that are currently taking place. There was a productive discussion on the implementation of new tools in decision-making on the national and regional levels, in particular multiple criteria decision analysis for assessment of new medicines and its role in the priority settings and reimbursement of innovations. (Report from ISPOR Ukraine Chapter).

Report by ISPOR Ukraine Chapter

Report by ISPOR Ukraine Chapter 


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at the ISPOR 22nd International Meeting in Boston, USA, May, 2017

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter has Organized a Meeting in Collaboration with ISPOR Hungary and ISPOR Serbia Chapters

The ISPOR 2017 (22nd Annual International) conference in Boston represented another great opportunity for the members of the ISPOR Ukraine Chapter to organize their activities. Ukraine Chapter members had conducted a very interesting and a productive meeting with their colleagues from the Hungary and Serbia Chapters during the ISPOR 2017 conference in Boston, USA. 

The official agenda included the joint presentations delivered by ISPOR chapters from the Central and Eastern Europe Network: Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Julia Chamova, Director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa Global Networks warmly welcomed the meeting participants and wished them all to get engaged in many interesting discussions. Vlad Zah, Chair, ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Network and Guenka Petrova, Chair-Elect welcomed the meeting.

The meeting and the presentations gave participants the opportunity to share the experience of recent achievements in health technology assessment in the region, and to discuss the introduction of multiple criteria decision analysis in decision making and its role in the reimbursement of new medicines in Central and Eastern Europe countries. (Report from ISPOR Ukraine Chapter).


Great Participation of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter at the ISPOR 19h Annual European Congress in Vienna, Austria


ISPOR Ukraine and ISPOR Ukraine Student Chapters Held their Traditional and Successful Meeting at the 19th European Congress!

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter has been shining with their numerous and active participation during the ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress. ISPOR Ukraine Chapter together with the Student Chapter organized their traditional meeting, which has been attended by their colleagues from other Central and Eastern Europe Network Chapters' members. The 25 attendees enjoyed a very productive, enthusiastic, and interesting meeting; among the attendees: Vlad Zah, Chair, Central and Eastern Europe Network; Prof Daniel Malone, Past President, ISPOR, Natia Kvizhinadze, President of Georgia Chapter, Talgat Nurgozin, President-elect of the Kazakhstan Chapter, Nadia Maldonado, ISPOR staff liaison for the EMEA region.                                                  

The main points of discussion were: implementation of health technology assessment (HTA) approaches in healthcare and educational system - challenges and opportunities in Ukraine; development of essential medicines list based on HTA approaches in Ukraine. Current and future directions of multiple criteria decision analysis use as a tool in the decision making in healthcare system in Ukraine; legislation and HTA in Ukraine; the ways towards the European integration: current approaches of transparent decision-making in the health system in Ukraine; interactive economic models and data visualization; challenges of HTA implementation in Ukraine.

ISPOR Global Networks acknowledge a notable participation of ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Activities at the Vienna Congress! 

All attendees took an active part in the discussion of all the vital topic presented by the speakers: Olena Mandrik, Olexandr Topachevskiy, Oksana Mishchenko, Kostyantin Kosyachenko, Oresta Piniazhko, Olha Zaliska.

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter members participated with many posters, as always, attended all the plenaries, actively participated in the Central and Eastern Europe Network forums, Central and Eastern Europe Network meetings and were invited guests of many invitational meetings.

ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Meeting Summary


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter is an Invitee to the HTA Roundtable in the Parliament of Ukraine 


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter President Participated in the HTA Roundtable in the Parliament of the Ukraine.

On February 25, 2016, at the initiative of the Parliament of Ukraine on Health (the Committee) held a Roundtable on "Assessing Health Technology as a Tool to Improve the Quality of Care and Rational Use of Resources."

The participants of the roundtable reviewed the reports of the leading experts in the field of health technology assessment (HTA) in Ukraine. Professor Konstantin Kosyachenko, head of pharmacy and industrial technology of drugs of the National Medical University named after O.O. Bogomoletz, spoke about the prospects of introduction of technology assessment in Ukraine.

"Training and educational technologies in HTA: world experience and Ukrainian reality" - the theme of the report of Professor Olga Zaliska, head of the department of organization and economics of pharmacy and drug technology and pharmacoeconomics, Faculty of Continuing Education, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, President of the Ukrainian branch of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomic studies and Outcomes Research since 2008.

ISPOR develops scientific and practical aspects of implementation of HTA in the world and European countries. Ukrainian experts and scientists are actively involved in ISPOR Europe conferences, International and regional conferences presenting the results of their research and getting acquainted with the experience of foreign colleagues. HTA Roundtables are always held during those meetings.

ISPOR offers distance learning programs, including short courses that are traditionally conducted before the the Society's conferences. ISPOR is providing a continuous and expert education in HTA/HEOR.  

“Pharmacoeconomics" as a discipline, has been introduced in Ukraine since 2001 in pre- and postgraduate training of pharmacists and clinical pharmacists.  Since all modern information in HEOR/HTA is in English language, specialists of the department of economics and pharmacy and drug technology, Faculty of Continuing Education, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University supported ISPOR creating distance educational in Ukrainian, currently available at ISPOR website. To promote pharmacoeconomics and HEOR/HTA in Ukraine there also has been created the site

Professor Zaliska mentioned that in Ukraine there are specialists, certified specialists with HTA and pharmacists who possess basic knowledge of pharmacoeconomic analysis and may be involved in health technology assessment. In 2002, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine also approved the Guidelines "Use of pharmacoeconomic evaluation of medicinal products in Ukraine" (authors: Prof Zaliska and Prof Parnovsky) which have been implemented in the activities of regional departments of health.

Contact Information


Ukraine Regional Chapter Office

Department of Management and Economy of Pharmacy, Medicine Technology and Pharmacoeconomics, Postgraduate Faculty 
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University 
69 Pekarska Str
Lviv, Ukraine 79010 



Chapter Leadership


PresidentOresta Piniazhko, MSc, PhD
President-Elect Inna Irynchina, PhD
Founder & Past President Olha Zaliska, PhD, DSci (Pharm)
Secretary/TreasurerOksana Vashchenko, PhD   

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ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Members with Vlad Zah, Chair of the ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Network at the conference in Boston, MA, USA


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter meetingat the ISPOR 19th European Congress, Vienna, Austria


ISPOR Ukraine Chapter Meeting at ISPOR 2018 in Baltimore, MD, USA

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