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The report of activities of ISPOR Brazil Chapter is available as a downloadable PDF - 2019 ISPOR Brazil Chapter report (PDF).

We invite you to see it and get in contact with the chapter to get involved with their activities by emailing them here.

The process to assemble the ISPOR Brazil Chapter began in 2005 during the European conference. At the time, only 5 delegates from Brazil were present at the event. Since its inception the development of the chapter has been significant, with 2 Latin American conferences (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) with more than 1000 attendees and dozens of scientific presentations. The inclusion of different stakeholders like private payers, government, academia, and industry increased audience participation in local meetings and stimulated communications through other channels such as social media. The 2019 goal is to foster projects and meetings during international events, bringing discussions that are relevant for the current Brazilian environment. Our plans involve increasing contribution in Value in Health Regional Issues and the Brazilian Journal of Health Economics. We are looking forward to planning our next meeting in Brazil in 2020. To get involved with the ISPOR Brazil Chapter and learn more about our current activities, contact the chapter here.

Did You Miss the ISPOR Brazil Chapter 6th Annual Meeting, "Incorporating Health Technologies During Times of Change?"

The ISPOR Brazil Chapter organized its 6th Chapter Conference on 5 December 2017 at the World Trade Center, São Paulo, Brazil. Following is research presented on "Rapid Assessment of Stakeholder Views About Cost-Effectiveness Threshold and Payment Models" during the conference. Photos can be seen at the right panel.

"Rapid Assessment of Stakeholder Views" (click for full report)

ISPOR Latin America 2019
12-14 September 2019 | Bogotá, Colombia
Data and Value in Healthcare: 2020 and Beyond

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Contact Information


Brazil Regional Chapter Office
Rua Pascal nº 1239, Campo Belo, São Paulo, Brasil

Tel. + 55 11 5103-2716
Chapter Email

Chapter Leadership


PresidentStephen Doral Stefani, MD
Vice PresidentWilson Follador, PharmD, MSc, PhD
Past PresidentMarcelo Cunio Machado Fonseca, MD, MSc
Secretary / TreasurerDayan Sansone, BSc
DirectorElio Tanaka, MD
DirectorJuliana Martinho Busch, MD



6th ISPOR Brazil Chapter Conference, “Cost-Effectiveness Threshold in Brazil—Points of Possible Dialogue”, Marcelo Fonseca, MD, MSc, Chapter President


6th ISPOR Brazil Chapter Conference: Presentation depicting valuable stakeholder information from the patient perspective

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