Actually, Me Too Drugs Are Awesome: Multi-Stakeholder Perspectives on the Value of Me Too Drugs


Discussion Leader: Melanie D. Whittington, PhD, MS, Tufts Medical Center (CEVR), Boston, MA, USA
Discussants: Peter Kolchinsky, PhD, RA Capital Management, Boston, MA, USA; Joel C Barrish, PhD, Jnana Therapeutics, Boston, MA, USA; Danny Dike, Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems, Express Scripts, St. Louis, MO, USA

PURPOSE: The Inflation Reduction Act has implications for drug development priorities and will likely result in fewer me too drugs. Some have argued that having fewer me too drugs is not a bad thing as similar treatments already exist for that condition and thus they only offer marginal health benefits. However, that perspective ignores the benefits that me too drugs have on the market and for patient access. This workshop will provide multi-stakeholder perspectives on the value of me too drugs that are not accounted for in conventional value assessment.

DESCRIPTION: Melanie Whittington will introduce the workshop by defining a me too drug, presenting both sides of the debate regarding the relative importance of me too drugs, and discussing if value assessors adapt their methods when evaluating a me too drug. (10 minutes) Peter Kolchinsky will provide the investor perspective by presenting a 15-year timeline of innovation in Hepatitis C, that started with low-efficacy interferons marketed in 2004 and led to multiple efficacious cures in 2018. (10 minutes) Joel Barrish will provide the manufacturer perspective on developing a me too drug for the treatment of Hepatitis C, focusing on the unique considerations and reasons to innovate in a class with an existing market leader. (10 minutes) Danny Dike will provide the payer perspective on negotiating practices used for drugs in a class with numerous therapeutic options and the ability for me too drugs to result in more options for patients. (10 minutes) Polling questions will be used before and after the panelists’ presentations to assess audience opinions on the value of me too drugs and if their opinions were swayed after hearing the multi-stakeholder perspectives. Twenty minutes will be reserved for audience questions. This workshop will be relevant for health economists, HTA bodies, manufacturers, payers, and patient advocacy organizations.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2024-05, ISPOR 2024, Atlanta, GA, USA




Health Technology Assessment

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