How to Navigate the Digital Health Landscape: Global Value Frameworks and Payment Pathways


Discussion Leader: Betsy J Lahue, MPH, Alkemi, Manchester Center, VT, USA
Discussants: Arthi Chandran, MS, MPH, DPH, Abbott, Santa Clara, CA, USA; John Hernandez, PhD, Google, Mountain View, CA, USA


The objectives of this workshop are to introduce the digital health landscape, share real-world case studies, discuss challenges in value and access for digital innovations, and evaluate emerging assessment frameworks across US, UK and EU-4.


Digital health encompasses many innovations, most that are not funded by payers. Market access pathways are rapidly evolving in this space. This workshop will kick off with an interactive poll to assess audience familiarity with foundational concepts such as "digital medicines, digital diagnostics, and digital therapeutics". Discussant lead Betsy Lahue will provide definitions for the workshop. Next, John Hernandez from Google will share emerging regulatory and payment pathways for digital health applications in key global markets (15 minutes). Speaker Arthi Chandran from Abbott will narrow the topic and share a case study example on a remote monitoring technology (10 minutes). Discussant leader Betsy Lahue will ask the speakers to compare funding and HTA frameworks for digital innovation in North American versus European markets (15 mins). During this time, the audience will learn about key Digital Health stakeholders, such as ICER and NICE digital health guidance, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, the Digital Medicine Society, and other authoritative groups. Next, the audience will be engaged in an interactive component to prioritize gaps in current digital value frameworks (15 minutes). The session will conclude with a walk-through of key resources available in multiple local languages for patients, clinicians, policy-makers and payers seeking to navigate the global digital health access landscape (5 mins). This session will cover value concepts and resources on emerging market access frameworks in digital health. HEOR professionals interested in understanding the current regulatory and policy issues relevant to digital health innovations will benefit from attending.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2024-05, ISPOR 2024, Atlanta, GA, USA




Health Policy & Regulatory

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