The Empowered Patient: Driving Individual and Population Health with Data & Technology


Ivy Pei-Yu Weng, MD, Komodo Health, New York City, NY, USA, Dan Drozd, MD, MSc Epidemiology, PicnicHealth, San Francisco, CA, USA and Tabassum Khan, MD, MPH, Komodo Health, Atlanta, GA, USA

Purpose: The objectives of this session are to educate the audience on the challenges standing in the way of equipping patients with their own health data and the manifold benefits of an empowered patient at both the individual and population levels.

Description: Over 80% of Americans support increased access to personal health information, according to a recent Pew survey. Patients are playing an increasingly active role in their healthcare experiences and changing the dynamic between the patient, the physician, the payer, and the life sciences industry. And yet the healthcare system still lacks the infrastructure for patients to comprehensively access, understand, and make use of their own data.

How can we break down the healthcare system’s siloes to give patients full control of their health information? What are the advantages and implications of patient-controlled data?

In this conversation, two digital health experts will discuss their efforts to enhance patient engagement and the role of data and technology to impact patient behaviors that can lead to improved health outcomes, increased satisfaction and care delivery efficiency, reduced costs, better quality of care, and patient safety. The conversation will also draw attention to the role patients can play in advancing high quality research, powered by real-world data, to drive a deeper understanding of health and disease in the real world.

Using their work together in multiple sclerosis research as a case study, PicnicHealth CEO Noga Leviner and Komodo Health President Web Sun will detail their joint conviction on the power of reliable, comprehensive real-world data to transform the industry’s approach to studying complex disease. The conversation will spotlight the challenges of building a comprehensive patient history, emerging approaches and benefits to tackling health data at both the patient level and the population level.

Conference/Value in Health Info

2022-05, ISPOR 2022, Washington, DC, USA




Health Service Delivery & Process of Care

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